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I wasn't sure where else to put this so here it goes!

With the added mob density I was curious to find which act was best for farming now. I'm more of a clearer than a farmer who only clears act3 depths then regets mission.

These runs have only been done once thus far as I've not had endless time, but I thought the results interesting enough to share and will continue to produce tests.

I'll also take farm route requests for tests for those that like (I'd don't keep myself up to date on farm routes).

The tests were done in MP8 and I tested for how much xp and gold was gained (gold taking into account selling all rares not kept to merchants) during my clears. I also tracked how many legendary items were found and how long each run took. I divided the net gold and xp by time to get the average gold and xp attained per minute for clears. Here is a link to my results thus far.

Edit- Just so it's clear, when I say clear I mean every inch of every zone and all dungeons. There is a given factor that dungeons and events will vary per run but I don't see it affecting result all that much.

Edit2- I should also mention that for the end xp amounts, there were case where I gained a paragon level while clearing (such as act 3's clear) so on those occurrences I took whatever the total was to get the lvl, say 203,720,000 (not a real number) and placed it in the end xp box and then once the clear was over added whatever I gained post leveling to the total to make the math work correctly.
Do act 2
I did acts 1 2 and 3; they're separated by lines =)

Let me edit the document to make things easier to read; it doesn't upload well to google docs apparently.

Done; should be easily view-able now.
All in all it looks like act 3 was nerfed according to your numbers, but every since the patch, I haven't been back to act 3. lol
I wouldn't say nerfed necessarily, but act 1 and 2 - oddly coming out nearly identical - are just highly OP in comparison. I was thinking it could use a boost of some sort.
I'll be making more runs tonight most likely so if anyone has farm routes they'd like me to cover and compare post it up.
Act1 fields of misery mp10

ignore trees, ramming bulls and elites


I gave away the secret...
Expect nerfs

Edit: highest massacre there - 526
Act 2, storm halls then oasis. Rinse and repeat all day!!
05/31/2013 11:03 AMPosted by kron
Act 2, storm halls then oasis. Rinse and repeat all day!!

Try forgotten ruins too! over 1000 skeletons!

Oh and to the OP, best MP to farm is the highest one you can kill quick enough to just keep moving with virtually no downtime.
Of course; though, this is less about finding the fastest xp path as it is comparing A. clearing the entire act and B. taking the farm routes the general population uses.

People will have their own play-styles and routes, but in general there are certain areas people farm and post 1.08, as my data shows, there has been an increase significant to acts 1 and 2 over act 3 in total; and surprisingly to almost the exact same point.

Further testing of farm routes would be there to indicate if one act has an edge over the other. MP doesn't matter as it's an across the board increase so long as each act is farmed at the same one.

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