Name the next upgrade for the Barb above you!

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@ Dyz craft you some new shoulders!!
@xeonreborne ughhh tough, i guess get a 6 cc mempo. i think ur already set lol
@molly thinking AR in WH or Lacuni
@frank, maybe try to craft some shoulders with more AR? idk lol your gears pretty good as is :P
06/03/2013 08:39 PMPosted by Onehand
@frank, maybe try to craft some shoulders with more AR? idk lol your gears pretty good as is :P

I don't play WOW but I think you could use a couple more levels.
@uber, you probably could use more eHP for survivability. You can should get a better IK chest, I feel like you spent more money on gems than chest.
P.S: Sick crafted ammy!
@switchpot cant check ur profile cause ur in sc2 :<
@unu cant check yours because im guessing your not in north america
@pacisfister two things I would look into and that is more HP and more AR and after that a crit EF

Beautiful barb, only thing now would be to get a -5 soj i suppose. they boost berserk rage uptime so much. My ghom time more than halved when I got mine.

Nice barb!! Was very hard to find something to suggest for an upgrade. The only thing I could really come up with was some trifecta IK gloves (they will cost a pretty penny though). Or maybe some Str Innas.

Great barb though!!
40+cc trifect ik gloves? ;)

Probably a higher vit shoulder with roughly same str/ar/armor.
I have no idea what I would upgrade lol I was seeing if I could get help on my gear. By the looks of it though I would maybe think your bracers. Not too sure though :/ sorry for being unhelpful, just getting the hang of things...
@vandeal srs? 50% gem in a EF?
Also try a mace/axe mh

You really got to craft some ammies bro :P Because that thing that you're wearing ... yikes

try a soj, paper dps will be lower but it works really good. You could get a ms ice climbers too.


Pick up either str/vit or vit inna's temp, then put a str gem in your boots

Only thing I can see is crit on your mempo. Apart from that you got some great gear.

Try crafting some better gloves.

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