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Hi Guys,

I haven't created anything yet but I'm looking to see how many people would be interested in an idea. Maybe this isn't the right place to post this (i've been out of the diablo 3 community for a while) so let me know and i'd be happy to delete/move it.

I've been a huge fan of the Diablo franchise (1,2, LOD and 3). I used to play D3 religiously back when it was first released and really enjoyed it. However for me, the game lost it's meaning when they nerfed Inferno, and gear became easy to acquire.

I would like to create a virtual Diablo 3 community isolated from the current Diablo 3 state. Yes, this is technically impossible without working for Blizzard ha but could be achieved with a little trust.

What i'm proposing is similar to An unofficial ladder system but with a few changes:
- No AH! This is vital. Items must only be acquired from the virtual diablo 3 world - Trading via forum, crafting, farming etc.
- Monster Power 10 for Normal, Nightmare and Hell
- Monster Power 3-4 (TBD) for Inferno. Trying to match vanilla inferno difficulty here.
- Solo and Party leagues
- Short and long term race leagues similar to Path of Exile.

Would anyone enjoy this sort of thing? To me it would make the game challenging again and a lot of fun. It wouldn't be about grinding some gold, buying a godly item on the AH and then face-rolling. It would require tactics and planning to clear the game.

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