Free giveaways to the poor.

Demon Hunter
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I'll send you free internet happy thoughts to help then, Nyan. I'd help out but I'm in workshops every weeknight for the next 3 weeks so only will be around weekends. ^.^

@pochol081 - IMO I'd swap out those bracers ASAP for either Strongarms or a rare with CC and CD. You don't need the move+ since you have Inna's and Nat's, and the IAS isn't as necessary since you have a Calamity.

@kevchowder - Your EHP looks good thought you could use some resists, but I'm guessing you're probably looking for more DPS to farm faster. Biggest place I'd look to get that is your weapon, where you'll want something with a socket. You could also probably lose the amethysts in your pants for emeralds, unless you really really need the HP.

EDIT - Sometime this weekend I'll see what all I have still in my stash. Might have some stuff I can give away for folks who are new to inferno.
@Evanui,ill be on this weekend we'll get you up there .
06/12/2013 12:24 AMPosted by KCB25
Been busy lately but finally broke 200k DPS thanks to help and guidance from many in this thread. Will start farming some gear for others when i can :)

gratz.I've been working alot,but i'm off this weekend.Maybe we can get in game with a couple other dh's.
I could use some help, maybe some high mp runs. I'm trying to save for better gear and only have 150k atm. Any help would be great
@bparker,one or all of us will help you.When you get help plz post so the rest know.all we ask is pay forward.
@Namzug,still looking for new ring,as per ur suggestion.i still love tanking.must be the barb in me.

Here's your internet hug Nyan hahaha.


Thanks for the help! I'll try saving up for a higher DPS weapon. Gonna take a long while though. :/
@kevchowder - No worries. I have a spare Manti, but I'm pretty sure it'll be around the same DPS, maybe even less.

Contact me I have another SoJ I found I will donate to you to give away to someone needy. Can't remember the skill if it is bola or what (servers currently down) and I believe it is bonus to elites by 28%

TLDR: Remove my name off this list; I'll be out of town for the next few while

Even after I return, until they buff the hell out of this class and include the itemization patch in the near future, this will be the last you guys see of me in a whileeee. Just a few pointers though...

-DH4LIFE. I played the other 4 classes and none matched the skill level required to play the DH.
-To the long time DHs still playing the game and class, you guys will get your well-deserved buffs soon, just keep doing what you do best and hold it out just a bit longer@!
-Not sure if I helped too many around these parts/forums, but I certainly did ingame with the friends I made. Never spent a penny on this game, just looted and bought stuff from the gah (both modes) for myself and friends and tried to have as much fun in the 1 year I played d3.
- I would shoutout the whole dh community but a few that I just need to are:
nom: man when you still played, your hc gear was off the chartsssss. Rivaled even the best geared sc chars back then.
AKF: What can I say lol? You are everything everyone should strive to be in a diablo game: play for fun and theorycraft builds and ideas to the extreme in an hc environment!
Killfrenzy: The fact you live all the way in Australia and managed to lvl a hc dh to 100 reeks of dedication and perseverance (and skill :p. If only you visited these parts more often, people might set foot on the hc sides more.


edit: final stats . Its not anything special but I'll take it :D
Nyan said my gears is confusing his nyan-ness.

Anything for free, I'll take ;)
I gave u various gears already nyan

Then again everyone is confused with my gear
I gave u various gears already nyan

Then again everyone is confused with my gear

You should see my Stash ;) Gonna buy some 100mil later so I can somehow buy some gears -.-
Don't do it! Nuuuuu
Or I'll just use that 100m to craf some more >_<

I'm being tempted to make a HOTA barb just to get essences.
hi guys, help me to evaluate plz...

kinda stuck with my weapon cuz an upgrade cost about 20mil, and my gold is just about 1,7 right now.

thx for the advice btw ^^
-don't get a 2 socket manticore if ur poor. It's a waste of money for such low dps and you need to pay double the amount for gems.

-you don't have enough hp. Consider getting some vit on ur pants, or getting high vit roll cloak insteqe (will be cheaper than high dex w/ vit)

-maybe consider getting mempo for more resist.
Just started playing again since the beginning of September.

Dropped 1.5 Mil on everything you see and I thought I did okay.
I guess I was wrong, looking at some of these other people who also need help.

Any advice would be more than welcome.

I would like to stick with 1Hers though.
Free (>^^)> to the poor.

As well I won't mind people adding me as long as they tell me why. As well I regularly clean my friend's list.
ive switched my 1212 Manticore (1 o) but i cant feel the differ with my prev 1043 (2 o's)

any suggestion weapon?

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