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Witch Doctor
check video on 1 post
already 30 min since I posted and no bashing post im really surprised what happend 0_o
keep that on the top to prove the TAL CHEST power
video bump
Looks like you are really desperate for attention, bumping your thread 4 times within 6 hours, not as if the WD boards are so active that your thread would have gone missing a few pages away. So I'll just humour you and give you the attention that you crave for.

You have 5 pieces of IAS gear, and you support it by using GI/Spiders. What's the big deal about that, when Bear-variant builds also cycle in some skill for mana management?

With this build, even if you stack until 1.8 APS you can still run MP10, because when you OOM, just cast a series of spiders to top up the mana bubble. This concept still falls under the well documented Bat-variant path, and is not an innovation or new discovery of any sort.

It's not a "Tal Chest" power, but simply, stacking IAS. With spiders, you can stack every IAS piece available in AH, and the build will still work. You do faster burst damage, and you cycle in the spiders more often, that's about the only difference, and the concept will scale with all MP levels and with the whole range of APS on gear. Meaning, 1.0 APS can use that concept, 2.0 APS can also use that concept.

Last but not least, your point in doing all these is......? I'm a bit lost and confused here, need my morning coffee.

ps: I'd have praised you for that nice video if you didn't crave for attention, but now I'm just going to make my cup of coffee.
if you had followed the trolling and bashing about that in another tread u will be understading alot more but anyways lol

enjoyr ur coffee ;)
if you had followed the trolling and bashing about that in another tread u will be understading alot more but anyways lol

Hmm, must have slept through all that.

Sorry about that mate!
*morning coffee is always good!*
So you've managed to record a video in which displays your mana and armor problems?

Wasted skills on mitigation ie. Life Link. Puppies to absorb some damage.

Wasted skills on mana regen ie. Widows, Swallow your Soul, AND BR. You constantly have to use widows and SyS to top your mana off. BR to make up for your extreme use of mana due to attack speed.

Wasted skill slots that could provide TONS of non-paper DPS instead of mana. And you know what could solve your mana problem? Ready for this? It's a shocker....4-Piece Zuni.

Congratulations on proving my point that you have no clue how to play a WD. Almost as bad as your barb was.
humm ur a mad person :S must be hard to be u.

and btw with a zuni 4 piece this change nothing lol

Thx for ur comment ;)
i use widows not cos i need to. but seems least wasteful getting a to b to use bats again. like i tried lucusts and sometimes waste mana with a couple casts moving to next BG. its not like locusts do any dps anyway compare to bats so its wasteful in mana.
Yeah I also tried locust and I find it so wasteful

I love to use widows when I play in group vs fallen maniac group they exploded before getting to the group and do damage

Oh man. You got me. So mad.
^^ I know I know rofl
Is there a need to bump this again?

Just let your ego fade to the back man. In a ten minute video, you literally kill 6 elites (five from festering woods) and the rest are trash.

Post a VotA run, Keeps run, or even a GoH run with your setup.

Until then...just stop.


No more post from me on this topic. I'm done.

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