looking i think brawling should be like diablo 2 how u could kill then and loot there body and take there gold it crap u can only do brawling in one spot in diablo 3 and thats the little pvp area its broing u cant go out of town and own people like daiblo 2
no, not gold. gold was worthless in d2 so it didnt matter that much. I would like ears to drop though.
ears +1
ears +1
PK +1
loot gold +1

If someone makes you angry in this game, you can't take out your frustrations by going hostile and killing them. You can only report them, which has led to people making up offenses and overall abuse of the report system. For example, a friend of mine lent another friend a pair of billion gold gloves to see if he could survive mp 10 with them before he bought them. As a result, he survived and wanted to keep the gloves. However, with the gloves in his possession already, there was no need for my friend to pay the guy whom lent him the gloves. So the lender was discussing what he was going to do to the borrower and he said to me, "I should report him for a real life threat and get him banned because I can't get my money or my item back."

The lender has a right to be angry; and he also has a right to go hostile, kill the guy, loot his dead body, and take an ear. He could then show the ear to the next guy he lends an the item to and say, "This is what happened to the last guy who stole from me." This would be a better option than making up a real life threat, and it would also add to the role playing aspect of the game.

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