Sentry - Chain of Torment [INFO]

Demon Hunter
I wish they removed the coooldowns so they could open up some build diversity like the use of the passive Custom Engineering for 3 traps.

Its really cool having 3 red hot chains active at once.
Err.. With Custom Engineering.. since you're saying 3 Sentries..

There's only like.. since the 8seconds cooldown. You'd be able to put them all after 16 seconds and the first one you placed still have 44 seconds left. Still too long IMO :)

But if they did remove the Cooldown, I'd gladly take that XD
Good to know, Chrizzle. Can the chains also proc nightstalker?

Edit: Or maybe not, because they don't crit?
They don't crit, and doesn't proc NS.

Some time before though, I forgot which patch, they crit but doesn't show YELLOW numbers.. so could still proc NS.

But they changed it.
05/30/2013 02:02 PMPosted by Wayloly
why bother, grab a manticore, hit SP:Gloom and Rapid Fire to glory. Why shovel when you are given a hydraulic powered excavator? Unless you like shoveling....

it may be underrated since many(most) dont have the gears or w/e to run cot specs properly, but it is nowhere near underpowered.!cUX!YaYYbc allows me to do up to 1.5M dps vs elites with 140k paper dps, and RF wont even come close in terms of crowd control, also, hf channeling RF in act 4

@OP just a few small comments, the chains ticks twice per second, and it is affected by reflect dmg (since it counts as the dmg you do), altho other sentry runes dont benefit from ctw unlike chains. great post regardless, glad to see im not the only one using chains :)

anyway i recorded a few clips showing what u can do with cot, for CC or dmg, its not the best that a DH can do, but how many DH builds out there that can kill mp10 elites under 35 secs at 180k dps + soj?

"kiting" with windforce,

blowing up elites,
I will test again regarding the RD of CoT :) Thanks for that.

Yes, the skill is underrated, which is another reason why I love using it ;)

The passive DPS increase it gives scales higher and higher as your RAW damage increases. It gets more damage with Marquise Ruby and with WF(due to Archery)

About either 2 or 3 per sec.. I've made a vid but it was a bit "confusing" as it was my first time with fraps.. ^_^
yes chain of torment is underrated skill for fight in mp7+. I can face tank anything except frozen when i have 3 sentries and 6 spike traps up.

Custom Engineering is a must have.
I used to use CoT with my tank build, then i took a nerf to the knee.
05/31/2013 07:10 AMPosted by Tamachii
I used to use CoT with my tank build, then i took a nerf to the knee.

Even with that nerf to the knee, I was still able to keep it up ;)
3 Chains to the Heart Build....

I wish if you got all 3 chains into the heart constant for 3 seconds of the Champion elite that a Goblin would spawn.

That would be cool....

Busy with 5 HC chars ATM. Have a 48 HC DH - Rapid Fire buff was never so good last time I started from scratch.....

Looks like I might have to play with some chains.

You also might want to try TOTH with Strafe as the channel will root and if in chains everything is very good....
I gave CoT a try with some stun and freeze gear and this looks like an interesting variant. I was able to strafe into very dense crowds and crowd control kicks in very fast.

Based on Chrizzle's in formation that the turret, the chains and the character gains a "proc aura" it was easier to learn the playstyle and I was actually able to use CoT to good effect as opposed to previous attempts.

Some observation with using Strafe (demolition) and CoT with crowd control gear

1.) If you have multiple chains keep them in a parallel line to stack the auras. this is also most effective in regards to how mobs form around the character.

2.) It seems the proc effect is most noticable when strafing on top of the turret, this would be expected if as Chrizzle says there is three different sources of proccing.

3.) Strafe with demolition also seems to proc the most when using small strafe moves, also to be expected since demolition fires three separate grenades per attack cycle. If you use small moves with strafe you force the mob to concetrate into a smaller area wich can easily be cowered by all sources of procc effects simultaneously.
Gunhulk, since you've been Strafing and CoT'ing, try using Chakram-Shuriken Cloud for added "passive dmg" and added proc source.

If you are solely using Strafe, Fan of Knives might also be a nice addition, especially with the STUN RUNE.

Those 2 skills will not bother channeling :) Smokescreen-Choking Gas too.
CHECK OUT MY PROFILE for some epic FREEZE and STUN combination(well.. not THAT much but hey, 3CoT, Gas/Cluster Grenades, Shuriken Cloud can keep some of them like I'm a little CM Wiz)
^^ All this Immortal/TankDH talk got me nostalgic for the good 'ole CC DH. It's not as effective (efficient) as balls-to-the-wall DPS + lifesteal, but is very fun and group friendly.

6.9% chance to stun
4.6% chance to immobilize
4.3% chance to freeze
3.9% chance to fear

The frustration on elite's face as they attempt to mob you-- priceless.
I don't use Fear though as it messes up with my IE+EB combo XD

Stun and Freeze is enough, Immobilize is great too XD
Nice suggestion Chrizzle. I am going to try COT later (though possibly without CE). I have 2 skills I could give up - JS (which has a similar function) and Shuriken. I use both for heals when I am frozen or mass meleed. What do you suggest I drop?
Depending on the situation..

JS will continually give you it's benefit as long as you can use it.

Shuriken is a 1 click-forget for 2mins skill.

JS also doesn't benefit from LoH if you're using that. It will however benefit from LS and increased LS via Shadow Power if you have that.

PS: This is one hell of a necro ;)

CoT even without CE is nice but you need to take in mind that it has a Tether range that if broken, will not do anything. So you will really be, most of the time, in melee range.

From your post on the other thread of Oscar.

Cluster + CoT is pretty much nice to use as a combo.

Post your build and I might be able to give further advice.
Thanks Chrizzle, and sorry about the necro ;)

Melee I am, as you can see from my build, other than Thunderball for kiters:

Cluster Grenades
Echoing Blast
Jagged Spikes

I don't intend to go a-walking with the Chain.

Might work best for COT to replace JS?
IMO, you can replace Shuriken for CoT as CoT will produce more damage when you're fighting elites.

However, CoT won't proc NS. It will however proc anything else that you can proc.

Actually I have a build that I use exclusively when playing melee..!eXU!ZYbYba

The build has unlimited Disc and Hatred.

It however has some problems when dealing with enemies that runs around like those Act 3 Occultists and Javelin throwers. Bees on Act 2 also.
Will try!

For kiters, why not use Thunderball or some bow attack?

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