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Hello, i have a problem while playing d3 on my macbook pro.
The game with low fps set and lowest gfx set is just not running smooth.
It seems laggy but the internet connection is ok.
On my desktop it runs very good

I think it should be running pretty ok as i meet the recommended system requirements 2,4ghz 4gb rams and gforce m320. The only thing i can still think of after a good cleanup operation yesterday is that i still run os x 10.6 in stead of 10.8. I did not know of that upgrade because my update manager told me my system is up to date.
If i buy os x 10.8 could that solve this problem or is it waste of money in this matter?

Please advise
Hi Ferox, I'm running with just about the same processor on 10.7.5 for my own mid 2012 MBP, and the game plays great. 10.6 is technically below the system requirements, so it's worth a shot. I don't want to guarantee it in case there's something else going on, but it's a good bet that if you did upgrade you'd likely see an improvement. The Diablo III system requirements can be found here in case you'd like to check those out.
I upgraded to 10.8 yesterday and then on highest resolution i set my gfx to default and it was pretty ok actually. Sometimes a little laggy and a warm macbook but it went ok as emergency solution :-)

I just don't want myself in a dying hardcore situation due to lag!
I am experiencing terrible FPS on my i7 MBPro. I have an open ticket and will post any solutions that may arrive.

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