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Good evening all.

I am currently working with the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) to expand their scamwatch website (link below) to include on-line gaming scam information.

Thus far we have compiled a list of at least 14 known MMORG scams. Some scams are specific to certain MMORG’s. We aim to have this information available on the Scamwatch website in the coming months.

To assist in compiling more information pertaining to MMORG scams, the ACCC and I ask that if you, or somebody you know has fallen victim to an MMORG scam and is an Australian Citizen, please report that scam directly to Scamwatch and the game owner (in this case Blizzard). Retrospective reports are welcome as we need as much data as possible in relation to MMORG scam activity.

When making a report, can I ask that you:

1. Keep nomenclature to a minimum (leave out words such as “nerf and derp” etc).
2. Presume the person receiving the complaint is not familiar with the game, or gaming in general.
3. Fraps, or take screen shots of the scam to support your report of the scam (where possible of course.)
4. Highlight the amount of money you are now out of pocket (don’t refer to gold value only).

Note: The on-line reporting tool is character limited, if your report exceeds the limit, open a second report and reference the first (ie, this is a continuation of report xxxx).

The ACCC agrees with me that the recent rise in MMORG scams, and the value of on-line gaming, (including monetary value of virtual items and creation of RMAH’s) has created the necessity to expand their webage to list MMORG scams independently from other scam activity.

Lastly, regardless of any private entity or organistion’s policy, it is the legal right of all Australians to be informed of the details pertaining to any type of fraudulent activity in order to ensure he/she does not become a victim. However, Scamwatch cannot communicate scammer activity if it is not reported to them.

Here is a definition of fraud (scam) as per the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines:
“Dishonestly obtaining a benefit, or causing a loss, by deception or other means.”

I will be on line for the next couple of hours should you have any questions. Flaming/Trolling/ or any form of cyber bulling will not be responded to.

good to see our tax dollars at work, covering the new frontiers of scammers.

Now I just have to work out how to get a job playing D3
good to see our tax dollars at work, covering the new frontiers of scammers.

Now I just have to work out how to get a job playing D3

I think you need go to ACCC and seek a guy named as CC123 ahahahahaha and then you can play with him indeed :)
This is Volutary on my behalf, not getting paid to play the game or work with the ACCC on this issue.
Gracias CC! Haven't been scammed myself, but I'm glad someone is paying attention.
Thanks abend : ) So far the largest report I have is around the $900.00 AUD mark. I have also read about an overseas company recently shut down (9 plus employee's). Its monthly turnover was $250,000 AUD from scammer activity. It specialised in Smart Phone game scams. Important lesson to note, your smart phones also need Malware and Virus protection. Especially if you do on-line banking as some of my own clients have recently discovered the hard way.


We are still after more data.


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