error 3006,stuck on retrieving hero list, etc...

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here too god damnnn
edit im logged in but cant create a game
Wow I thought I was the only one, I just started getting this error. Bought stuff on the auction house and went to play, but it wouldn't go in game. I closed the game and now I can't log in :|.
Same issue for me
Bump. add me to the list of unhappy players! Time for CoD and WoW. Blizz, please do something!! (I'm sure you are, sorry to chastize.)
Yep. same issue.
Any news on this? It's still happening
I just started having the same issue about a half hour ago. It happened right after I had purchased in the Auction House. Hadn't had this problem before. I see they had a similar problem back on 5/30 2013. Hopefully they will fix it soon. At least they are enough of us having the problem that they can't ignore it.
Same error. Cant log in.
I just got the game a week ago, figured all the kinks would be worked out by now..... very dissapointing
Error 3006 here as well...
Having the same problem. Guess it's an issue affecting the american servers only.
same error for me as well yet my girlfriend can sign in on her account
same problem here
probably our sketchball government....
Well, tried again and it said the server is down for maintenance. At least it means they're working on it... I hope.
They just took it down
Says to check server status page for details. There are no details on the server status page.
server status says all server are available... yet cant login
Now they're down for real. Should be up by 2:30PDT
getting the error 3006 here too

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