error 3006,stuck on retrieving hero list, etc...

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Same here. Stuck at retrieving heroes list.
Same here .... Oh well, gonna make a cup of Joe and play resident evil for a while. Come back later ;)
Unreal~this is becoming a weekly problem
I could connect while my friend said he couldnt.....really i got through, played a bit then i logged off just to see if i could come back in....mistaken i was as yoda would say
over 9000 updates later x.x....
Network admins getting in some overtime tonight ..this beer is on me *cheers*
I was getting error 1, now error 3006. same exact messages on both
Same problem. In the mean time... Marvel Heroes servers are up and running.. just saying.
Also stuck on Retrieving Hero List....
im having the same issue cant get passed retrieving hero list.
I have same issue.
Same here, stuck on loading heroes. I don't get an error message it just doesnt do anything
Also stuck
nother one here. stuck on retrieving heroes. Starcraft II is acting up as well in the arcade, must be a big problem
If you throw your computer against a wall really really hard! it will log in and you can play again! Try it out!!
Any chance the NSA is leeching your servers, Blizzard, causing delays??
still getting the same problem. can't log in....

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