Life per spirit spent vs LOH

please advise as per title, which one is better? thanks in advance.
LPSS, is a very awesome tool.

I used to run this back in the day, but obviously you need to use Transendance as a passvie for htis to work.

Also, it'll be hard to really work well for you unless you use Fist of Thunder - Quikening due to the spirit regen needs.

when I used it, I had a Inna's Helm with 60+ LPSS and If I recall, using my mantra as a spammer/ healer, it yielded around 9k in health each time I hit it.

..and Since Quickening fills up tremendously fast, you can almost chain spam it for health regain.

so to answer your question, LPSS will yield more health the LOH I would believe.

and... also since you can get LPSS on other items such as weapons, you can increase your health regan ALOT ,

If you got a lot of LPSS, it can get pretty crazy fun.
thanks for the reply guys. i just think, if i can use it for example with "nirvana" build or other build that has synergy with spending and generating spirit, then maybe my monk can tank while standing on molten or plaque. something like WD 0 sac dog.
In would generally rank the sustain like this LS > LOH> LpS > LpSS

Don't get me wrong they are all worth a spot in your gear set if you build for it. Only reason why I put LpSS last is it has a few limiting factors.

1. It only rolls on monk specific items if I recall correctly (ie helm and weapons)
2. You will need ample spirit regen to make it effective so you either stack SR or IAS to increase SR
3. Scaling is not that hot given you max out on LpSS based gear and Passive. Unfortunately all but LS do not scale with DPS that is why LS reigns as king.

I am sure there are plenty of monks who used LpSS in lower MPs and some who pushed the envelope and succeeded running MP10 with minimal deaths but its a hard battle to fight and I would bet that their gear, skill bar and passives are very defensive in order to make each life more valuable in turn making LpSS more useful. (ie pulling numbers out of my donkey to make a point.....if your mitigation is 94% and you have 30k life eHP would be similar to someone with 88% mitigation but 60k life. LpSS will definitely be better suited for the first scenario.)

Hope this helped.


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