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do any of you believe the PS3 version of D3 will be better then the PC or do you think they will be the same. An will any of you buy a copy even tho you have it for the PC or Mac
it will be the same game with minor differences.
Well it all depends on whether you like the real money auction house. And also how well the contoller feels when playing.
No , No and No
It has offline mode. Nuff said.
I look forward to tinkering with ps3 savegames. There's no big reason for me to bother with the ps3 version, other than to do impossible things like make an Azurewrath that doesn't suck and or try out weird builds and play styles that would be totally impossible due to the crumby, locked down nature of online d3.


- firewalker boots with ice climber stats. The fire walking effect is nifty! I'd change it to be based on weapon damage if possible, too. That part probably wouldn't be possible though.
- Also, if possible, I'd change the hellfire proc rate and damage. It would be surprising if those kinds of constant details were actually stored in saves
- make one shield that procs all legendary summon effects, so, the Demon Slave, the Angel, a zombie dog and a fetish. Helpful critters would be constantly popping up. Anyone becomes a minor pet class, WDs become a pet army class and it doesn't take a huge sacrifice of dps
- make a WD so, so powerful that his pets can actually kill things at high MP. Then, hang back and let them
- transmogrification wouldn't be necessary to make your character actually look cool, but it would still be nice
- depending on what gets stored in a game save, more varied gameplay effects may be possible. Equip more than three passives?
- best thing of all: I could actually play self found and have fun doing it. In diablo 2, the one hacky thing I allow myself is to make tons of MF small charms. For me, it makes regular farming a lot more fun, and you always had the realms if you wanted to climb the slower ladder, which I often did.

Off topic, but a little relevant:
It's just so unnecessary that I have to pay for the same game on ps3, and play it with worse graphics, in order to do a small subset of what would be possible with ****sensibly designed**** offline mode on pc. Why they couldn't offer a separate offline mode in the PC version I'll never know, but the perception that the product was deliberately made inferior to serve a business objective like piracy sure did a lot of undermine public goodwill in the company. This is the angriest, most vocally disappointed forum communities I've ever seen, even an entire year later.

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