Error 3007

Technical Support
I'm able to log in just fine, but right after logging in, to about 30mins longest, i'll be removed from game and this error pop up.

Tried updating graphic driver.
Flushing of network dns
Turn off my modem and reuter for 30mins before turning on again.
Used the Repair Tool on the bnet launcher
Disabled my anti-virus.
Uninstalled and re-installing.

Failed. I could play fine in patch 1.06 onwards. 1.08 gives this problem without fail.
Can't even get full naphalem valor before disconnect.

Have posted my d3debug and dxdiag last week,
I can post them again if requested, please respond.
ive been having the same exact issue man. ever since patch.
Same, posted in another thread about the same issue.
Took a break from the game and this was never an issue before, now with 1.08 it is. Tried all the "fixes" I could find through google.
Same issue here. Never used to happen to me when i played a few months ago. Clearly a problem on Blizz's end.
I gert d'ced every half hour.It says my connection with B.Net has timed out.hell didn't know i was on a timer.
So disappointing. 3 weeks already, no response, feedback or even indication of 'trying' to fix our issues.
Sad that I have an old SNES and I can play Final Fantasy II on a system that is, what, 20 years old? It runs perfectly too. Yet I can't play this game for more than a few minutes without it crashing. Very sad.
Same problem... have been playing this whole weekend just fine till yesterday... really bad lag started ... now today i got this 3007 error... tried everything people have suggested and nothing works
Happening to me about every 30 min today. Get my 5 stack then get straight up dumped...
I've been having the same problem ever since patch 1.08. Really takes the fun out of the game.
Hi, me and my bro are having the same problem, except it started after last update......How to fix this, cant play, getting dc continuously >`<
Started today for me after 10 months of no problems really, D3 is a very stable game usually
Seems only affects certain people.
add me to the list. Also started after the most recent patch.
I'm also getting booted. Started happening after Tuesdays maintenance. Log on fine. Join/Start game fine. Get disconnected after a short while, between 5-30 minutes of play time. What's going on?
Great 13 comments, but no responds =/

I guess dev cannot figure out what are the reasons of this error.
I have tried most of the "technical" fixes such as change the IPv4 settings, running the repair tool from the drop menu, joining the general chat, changing the server from america to europe and back. I also do 10 pushups,drink 2.5 glasses of water and spin 5 times to the left, and 2 times to the right before i run the game BUT SEEMS NONE OF THIS WORKS, SO FIX THE DAMN ISSUE OR GIVE US THE OLD PATCH BACK
I also having same issues since last patch , I'm not technically to the degree of working out if all the suggested fixes that will sort this out. I'm reluctant to hire someone. mainly as I have no way of judging their ability to work though all the suggested fixes , and give accurate advise on the outcome.

It also seems strange to me that so many people, are having personal computer problems. That appears to have appear at similar times causing the same issues with D3 . Too much of a coincidence to me.

Surely The blizzard Techs can also see the suspicious nature of the source of this issue.

Time out 3007. Where my friends tell me that my character is still in the game , but I have been disconnected ?????
I have to resign into game. still have all buffs ? intact ? Very very strange. not paying for some one to tell me what I already suspect . nothing changed on my comp apart Blizzard patch down loads
There has been no patch to the game in a very long time (March was 1.08 and May was 1.08a) so I doubt that is the issue. The only thing they have updated lately is the game launcher. There are also not very many reports of problems...this post is from June and has only two recent posts in it. We do see it happen from time to time, but I don't think a handful of people a week constitutes an issue with the game.
Add me to the list of people experiencing this problem - again... I think there may be even more people having this issue who are just not saying anything... yet.

I keep experiencing Error 3007 without fail EVERY game session at some point... sometimes after 20 mins, sometimes after an hour - it seems random. But one thing is for sure it will happen without fail at least once or twice every play session for me.

Now most of the time I'm able to get the people I was in a public game with to invite me back to the game and I don't loose my NV stacks... but sometimes the game has filled up so at that point I just turn the game off in frustration.

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