One Word: Shadowrun

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And now more words to follow..

Shadowrun is a game for Xbox 360/PC - and is available for roughly $2-5 used. It is one of the BEST games ever made, and you will never regret purchasing this game.

It may take you more than a try or two to get used to it, but thats just because there is so much customability for your player throughout the 12 rounds of play. This is a first person shooter, loosely based off the stupid SNES version of the game, but... a whole lot better.

It'll be the best $5 you've ever spent... Unless somehow magically you got an ounce for $5, then that'd prolly be better... but the game will last longer!
I have the game. And it is one of the worst shooters I have ever played in my life.
Where can I get it?
oh my god, this game was seriously one of the best competitive games ever, do people still play it?

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