So Marvel Heros is looking like a flop

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$20 characters
start of the game everyone is mostly same 5 heros which ruins the experience
costumes cannot change based on gear
always in a party with people
sometimes joining dungens and is already half cleared out
costumes really expensive
pets really expensive

for me personally until the auto join party gets a patch to disable, i wount be playing it, i like exploreing to much to be in a party with people who rush through and kill everything
err u can disable auto join party?

I have been playing MH taking a break from D3. David Brevik is still a loser ;)
I must be in the wrong forums, I thought this was Diablo 3......
It's a FREE to play game. Probably too early to call it a FLOP.

If you buy three characters at $60 ... plus a started one .. you have exactly ONE less than Diablo 3 .. with the opportunity to find more at drops.

Can you find more character classes in D3?

At least MH has common areas where people can hang together and be social .. unlike D3 where you have to blindly join a public game.

Since it is free to play .. worth a look at .. .I'm sure it will have some things better than D3 (like social aspects).. but other things D3 has it beat (like combat visuals).

For me .. it was just disappointing that the only "innovative" feature that D3 really tried was the AH (which is hated by a lot of people) .. and their other "features" are restrictive and step backwards compared to its predecessors.
Everyone has been the same 5 heroes in D3 for a year. Is that really one of your top points?

Characters range from $6-20. You can leave party. It had pvp on day one.

Everything you can buy except stash space also drops for free.

F2P with a cash shop is an accepted business model that basically provides an extremely in-depth demo before you decide to pay for the game.

This should be in
Everyone with a few brain cells could already see that in Beta, its a cheap f2p game and i doubt anyone seriously expected a good game lol
I like how alive the world feels in the common areas. Event bosses are quite fun. It does feel like an MMO, which is nice for the most part. Not a fan of the random partying, but it's not that terrible.

Some animations feel a bit stiff, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. It's also cool how you get to upgrade your vendors for better inventories and how the crafting guy allows you to improve your gear. It's a great item sink that doesn't feel worthless like D3's blacksmith. The graphics aren't spectacular, but they actually work with the comic book style, for the most part. Environments are nice too, even though sometimes they feel a bit empty. The music is really good.

I have no problem with paying for extra heroes. I mean, it's not like D3, where people pay for their gear (aka the game's carrot on a stick). It's something anyone could expect from a F2P game anyways. Some people around here seem to forget they also have to pay the bills.

The game's a bit buggy though. The sound bug where the ticking of the loading screen persists after the loading screen is done is quite annoying, as well as enemies popping randomly out of nowhere. It should be fixed soon, anyways. The physics are a bit funny sometimes. I've been playing hawkeye, and it's a bit odd to see a guy flying around just by getting hit by a single arrow lol. Technically speaking, D3 is still a lot better, but MH game seems to have a lot more content to keep players busy, which is a great thing.
The thing that makes me upset with the game the most is the fact that the open world where you encounter other players is the direction Brevik would have taken D3. D3 would have been 1000x times better with that vision and Blizz's resources.
I don't enjoy co-op aspect of the game, pure chaotic for pug.
lol superheroes...
I purchase the UP and having fun dressing the classic heroes from the 60s-70s Heheh.

Fun game to kill time when I'm bored of D3.
Yeah same, I'm having a good time in it. I just can't bear to grind the same spots in D3 anymore so it's nice to have something else to do while we wait for itemization/exp pack. At the speed blizz moves it's going to be a long while yet
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It had pvp on day one.

say it there
i play it for pvp
err u can disable auto join party?

You can. It takes 2 brain cells and 5 seconds to find the option (though it really should be turned off by default, to be honest...given the number of idiots, like the OP, that can't find the option if their superhero tights depended on it).
Played it for about 6 hours then uninstalled.

Its incredibly boring. The skills are bland the enemies have no variety other then the bosses (even the Champion and Elite packs don't feel any different then the trash mobs, just more health).

The Event bosses are beyond boring since they're so easy.

On top of that the DLC is overpriced as hell. $700 worth of pay content on day 1. It feels like its all just a cheep cash-grab for fans of Marvel Comics.

Playing it actually gave me the idea to go back an reinstall Diablo 3.

Then again (per the video), sometimes it feels like Blizzard fans are the ones waiting to be let into the club outside...just insert either launch week issues joke or waiting for good gear to drop joke, either one works.
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