Error on connection to cant log

Technical Support
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Can't log in, keep up the great work on the servers.

Maybe double, wait, TRIPLE your maintenance times. But at least online only = no dupes :O
error 41003 now... e.e
Losing out on an expiring auction (possibly 2) because of this downtime. Logged out for a few minutes to do some stuff and when my reminder went off, tried to login and can't.

Thanks Blizz.
06/06/2013 06:40 PMPosted by Grimiku
Thank you for the reports, and we're working on getting this fixed as soon as possible.

So glad that once again when i FINALLY manage to get a spare hour to play the game i have to deal with this crap again. It seriously can not be that hard to stop this from happening, you have had almost a year to iron this out.

Get it together, or continue to bleed players like a severed artery.

BEYOND fed up at this point.
Thank you so very much
06/06/2013 05:33 PMPosted by HRATC
same here

ahh dude! wtf happen to ur 100 wd? imma start playing hc again soon but i thought it was good idea to cash out since the server likes to boot me randomly/huge lag spikes etc.
Why necessarily today? Why?
What is wrong?????
same lol
Still not letting me get past Retrieving Hero List.
i got error 1 boogie would be pleased to know error 1 said you cant log in

Here is how to fix it: restart the frickin computer.
OMG seems like it's been a while.
I just got home and want to play a little bit but I can't log in!!!???
Again!? Really!?
Yay hero list! =.=

SO glad they made it always-online. :)
We'll update this thread as we find out more. Thanks for your patience everyone!
so annoying
blizzard come killing us
Now I can't get past authenticating... Took a step backwards -.-
Same here now it wont go past authenticating
How does something like this even happen? I logged in fine earlier and now nothing cant log in. WTF?!?!

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