Error on connection to cant log

Technical Support
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Tried WoW. Wasn't impressed. I stuck to EverCrack. It now blows as well. More expansions for more money..same game play...
Love that Blizz cant make the pc game work but they worried about moving it to console. !@#$%^-s
ok move along people nothing to see here
why to day can log in??????
can gm help over come this problem...........
error 3006 and can't retrieve hero list, stuck on that page...It's funny it even asked me to authenticate with my little authenticator device...maybe there is a new back door worm to hack all our accounts..I bet that's whats going to happen...I'm going to log in and all my stuff is going to be GONE! GREAT! :(
Damn wuts happenin
It the Feds - they are watching, and didn't like was they saw ..................
The auth servers for Diablo 3 must be on a different cluster from Battle.Net because I got into the forums just fine.

idk their architecture (TACACS+, RADIUS or w/e Cisco) but come on blizz let me work for you then!

I know blizz has enough cash for redundancy....

This should not happen. Probably something simple like they are running two anti-virus software on that same physical server.
I some how get an "Input Limit Reached" error...while waiting for authentication. Nice.
Stuck on retrieving hero's list.
SC2 isn't working either......... damn it, that's what happens with "always online"...... problems are way too frecuent -.-
06/06/2013 07:18 PMPosted by HellBoy
Same here thought it was just me at first. Hope they fix it soon

Considering that I found quite a few pages of this same problem from a YEAR ago when I tried searching for a possible cause/solution.....I doubt "fix" is the appropriate word.....would like to think they could have had this issue resolved long before now.
They need 2 BEEEEZ from everyone to start up again :D
What is eror 3005??????
still going on cant log in
I guess I wont get to play tonight either then? NO? FINE D: Just don't blame me...
1.09 and expansion better be epic is all i can say right now besides all the inappropriate swears and insults running through my mind about this new "blizzard" company.
still cant login
Why are the servers overloaded when you have less than 1,000 Americans logged into D3 at any time? Please fix your !@#$ Bliz this is getting old

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