Error on connection to cant log

Technical Support
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Blizz give us a sign :D we need our games back we have no lives and need to play them all day :D
ya no joke. I was choosing to farm over watching the finals, not anymore. Really need to get your !@#$ together
Figures, I get an exceptionally rare "honey, why don't you play your game while I watch a movie" from my beloved wife... And the game goes offline.
... Whats the benefits of always on... People still mess with the game economy, and I have to deal with this... Every time something like this happen I became a sadder Diablo gamer... I just wanna play the game :(
sure fire way to lose the little bit of people that actually play the game still.. thanks for nothing blizz
I agree completely... this is happening far too often and at the worst times..
after 1 year, we still have login problems. gratz bliz
Someone please help me play, I know it is only a matter of 20 more pages and this thread will be locked ahahaa so good
Free time on here lost to something else. bummer
WOOOOOOOOOOT ATHENTICATED <.< oh wait stuck on hero select -_-
06/06/2013 07:24 PMPosted by Kestrel
I some how get an "Input Limit Reached" error...while waiting for authentication. Nice.

Exact same problem! Lets make it always online they said. It will be great they said! !@#$ is pissing me off. I've invested too much time and money into this game for it to tell me I can't play when I want to.
At times like this I would like offline mode, thanks blizzard.
I think people need to get over themselves. It's just a game. I'm disappointed b/c I only get to play with friends for an hour each night and now it's offline but it is what it is.
06/06/2013 07:32 PMPosted by Nemesis

No nvm stuck on hero list :(

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