Top 3 farming routes

do people actually farm MP10 hardcore?
Just found this thread, i've recently started recording xp data for act2 and i have to raise some questions about the validity of this data that is being presented here

ACT2 is really an enigma to me in terms of xp density, because there's huge variance in the xp depending on mob type.

to give an example, fields of misery has xp rating of 30(thousand xp per second)
and it's always consistent with little variance between runs(29-31).

west/east channels for example, has huge variance, it can get an xp rating of 20 or 35, depending on the mob type that gets generated on the map.

so Act2 CAN be the best xp/hr act, if you roll the right mob types on all the maps. but for consistency, i advocate farming act1 for raw overall efficiency.
Anyone do the maths for elites per hour or demonic essences per hour?

I do VotA and nothing else. I find the other areas are basically a ton of white monsters and too few elites. Don't care anything about xp, only going for elites because essences.
The Act 1 route of Woods, Leorics, Hollow, Fields and Halls was the top XP in my testing. I did about 5 samples compared to Vota runs.

It was very close though, Vota won on 2 occasions, marginally.

The reason the Act 1 route may be better is that even though Hollow monsters give low XP per, there's a LOT of monsters. Thus the XP may be the same as Vota, but the loots seemed better, by the volume. I know for a fact that some monsters give 0 XP (like Carrion bats), but they still drop loot!
While this is great info, this is also a thread-necro from June, lol. I'm also skeptical of the information, since the Crypt in Act 1 isn't considered here.

And if the OP is still around, was this data based on MP-1 or MP-10? In post #5 you say:

06/09/2013 06:31 PMPosted by huanAK
Barb only good at MP10. but above data is base on MP1.


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This is totally incorrect. The fastest low MP farming Char is a straifing DH. WW Barb is second and TR Monk is a close third. Period. If you state that a barb is slow on low MP, it is how you are playing. Cheapo Full IK, Unforgiving, and fast weapons are helpful, and you dont want your DPS too high (120K is probably max for MP 2) so you can keep your zerk up. But saying a Barb is slow on low MPs is just plain incorrect.
great info.

i think we all need to stop splitting hairs around here :P.i dont know if huans routes (or routes he has copied from others) are 100% optimal and always have max XP, but hey, i wanted to farm more act 2, and this gives me a pretty great start. from here i plan to do some act 2 runs and tailor them to my liking (sometimes i prefer long runs for items, sometimes short just to grind a couple levels)

i think the basic idea of any route is "grab 5 stacks in an area with many elites and little whites, then go to an area with lots of whites for max XP"

what a nerdy post
06/09/2013 04:27 PMPosted by SpArTaNBeAsT
the crypt in fields of misery is easily the best cave in the entire game now

I would have to agree. This dungeon is great now. Especially when the randomizing makes it a huge place.
dudes I have to remind you that you get exploding fallens in storm halls sometimes.

Other than that this looks like legit info.

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