Game freezing up randomly and buggin Windows8

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So recently - the last week or so - I've had a bug where, mid-game, my game client would freeze up. Nothing would move on screen - no chat or anything - except for the mouse cursor. When I try to alt-F4 the client, nothing happens. I can't alt-tab out either.

What I CAN do is alt-ctrl-del and pull up task manager. I try to use this to close the game, which it says isn't responding, but I am unable to click on anything. Everything in Desktop Mode is unclickable because my mouse pointer is still in the Diablo 3 design and, I assume, still thinks it's in game. So I can click anything to force the game to close, forcing me to shut the entire computer down via the start menu and restart.

It's really annoying too. I've lost so many 5 stacks of NV just as I got them, or had it do this just as I ran down a Keywarden, it makes me not even want to play.
One obligatory bump
same issue here, started once the last patch hit
Same problem.
Your computer is malfunctioning. Try running programs to check temps while you are playing. The problem is not Windows 8, because that is what I use. If you want further help you can try posting a dxdiag and some information about your computer.

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