Best way to level paragon?

Running a wizard with about 212K DPS when buffed.

What is the best place, MP, etc to level paragon right now?
Copy my wiz build if you want to run archon build then I suggest running Act 1 or Act 3 MP5-6 for perma Archon.

Act 1 route:
-Festering woods
-Leroic's then go backwards
-Northern Highlands
-Field of Misery

Act 3 route:
-Keeps 1
-Keeps 2
-Bridge Portal backwards *forget name
-Both arreat craters
-Stonefort if you want keys
Act1 is the hot spot now I guess ( Field of Mystery, the weeping hollow...etc),
but I run act2 with my archon wiz MP5-7 before I reached P100

Alcarnus kill 1 pack( sometimes 2 packs)
The Storm Halls
all caves in the desolate sands
Oasis (western and eastern channel, forgotten ruins)
Normally 65-80 mil exp per hrs.
IMO A1 (Festering, Weeping, Leoric's, Fields; then hit up the highlands.

I gained quite a lot exp from doing A3 Keep runs, followed by the WP by the Siegebreaker, then running backwards across the bridge and into the battlegrounds.
Thanks for all the replies! <3

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