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1) PS4 comes out before the end of the year. D3 comes out for PS3 on Sept. 3rd.
Q1a) Is there a separate game to be sold as a PS4 version? PS4 has been confirmed to be compatible with used games. Is there going to be a Diablo3 for PS4 coming out when the PS4 launches?

2) Since I can store a character on a USB, is there any consequence to hardcore death? I imagine I will be able to reload my character if I happen to die.

edit: I also imagine I will be able to reload my character if I trade for an unid legendary and it turns out to be crap.
I could see constantly reloading a character being viewed as an exploit from the separate providers, and they might apply restrictions to those actions.
I hope this does not happen, or this game will not live past it's first birthday.
Personally, If you could constantly transfer over your HC character over and over... Kind of pointless, don't you think?
bump. Hoping a CM can answer the question concerning hardcore deaths and USB character saves especially.

I'm considering buying for the PS3, but a) I only play hardcore and if there's a way to cheat death it just makes it less interesting for me....and b) I don't want to spend so much time on my characters just to know I can't bring them to my PS4 version when it comes out.

Those are the 2 things that are going to make or break buying the console version for me.
I will add the hardcore death/usb question to my unanswered questions in the FAQ thread.


I'm trying to source answers for all the big questions and this one keeps coming up. Hopefully our CMs can ask the devs for us.

As for your PS4 question, yes it is a completely different version to the PS3 version. The PS4 cannot play physical PS3 games, only download them via the online system Sony are setting up.
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