3007 is back

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it have beens weeks now i have no issue with 3007.
but seem since tuesday i got random 3007.
no change to anything as far as hardware or software.
hard wired into the modem.
anyone have the same issue. lost quite a few low lvl toons to that.

Try this. Worked for me. Removed latency spikes and 3007 errors...for now.
trying it out now, since i got nothing to lose.will report back see how that goes.
While that certainly won't hurt you to try, there are also some ISP issues with major datacenters this week. Each day seems to be a different one... 24 hours ago it was the Aussies and an issue with a partner of Telestra. Reports come in about others as well along with tracerts proving it. Keep an eye on the WoW tech support forums when you have issues like this. There are more players there so it is easier to find patterns. It may not be your files after all!
It seems that it still didnt completely clear up the 3007 error but made it less frequent.
i only have a 2 yesterday. of course right when i face a bunch of mobs MP10... 2 DH when down with couple mills of gears. nothing that cant not be replace.
2 today, just lucky. one with 2 white mob and one right after i finish the run.
wont be home today or tomorrow to test it out, but we will see.
it fixs nothing. 2 3007 just this morning lucky i was on my barb. 1 time face 2 white mobs. which i know no problem with that. 2nd time was act 3 inferno just run into an elite pack. i think also lucky. it was a waller, extra health, nightmarish and frozen
Just got it again, still awaiting the buff save from a disconnect fix from Blizzard...

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