The 1,000,000,000 Gold Giveaway - CLOSED

Demon Hunter
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This is the last of my giveaways. The one billion gold giveaway.

1. DH must be your main meaning your elite kills on your DH must be higher than the rest.
2. You can only post once.
3. Contest will end when there are 100 posts. I will choose a random number using a RNG.

Good Luck!

Congratulations LUDA#1512
I'm in, since I'm dirt poor again. LOL.
Sounds like fun
Free lottery ticket, of course I'm in.
Also wanted to say your you'll be miss around these parts alot man :(
Give to the Nyan~ <3


We will miss you <3
Why not, I'll never make it to Vegas, so this is the next best thing. :)
The only thing I've ever won in my life is $100 from a lottery ticket. lol

I hope I win this one. Thanks man.
I'm in.
Gooooooolddddd. Mmmmmm... Sad to see a DH leave.....
I'm in !!
Hold dat
sup brah
I'm in....DH needs some new gearz!
im in and rebuilding so :))
i never win anything. fingers crossed.
Hope I can get this for some major upgrades!!

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