The 1,000,000,000 Gold Giveaway - CLOSED

Demon Hunter
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Yeah :D
RNG Gods hear me now!!... Thanks
i hope i win
I'm in... Hope i get this one.
Sure why not, I'm putting my hand up :)

By the way BLKDRGN just wanted to thank you for all your efforts on the forums. You have been a great resource of information concerning the DH class and somewhat of a mentor to me (as well as many others I am sure).

Also in ... I Like a good giveaway
Might as well.
In :O
im in
Iim in @!!
Nice giveaway. Thanks Blkdrgn.
lucky 56
Me plzzz *.*
Count me in.
hello, sign me up (i'veplayed much more "time" on my DH than monk.
1bil will help a lot in my goal to become one of the top dh's. peace.

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