The 1,000,000,000 Gold Giveaway - CLOSED

Demon Hunter
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I just switch to my DH as my main a few weeks ago. Was only playing barb to compensate for all my friends being DH but now that they quit i switched to main DH.
I'm in
I'm in also!
Reminds me of my own giveaway, if you understand french that's pretty cool to read
Me too! :)

Omg.. im #105 :(
Over 100 guys, nerf DHs they toooooo rich.
Too late i think. Good luck to the winner
I'm in, hope to win :) for gear upgrades. to experience higher MP's. Goodluck for all of us.
Heres hoping i win! Reallly need that gold.
I have dabbled with Barb, but DH is and will always be my main.
a very generous offer, thank you
hi can I join in too?
Count me in
This is over 100 posts but some don't have DH main!

So I'm in!
Uhhh, sure, hoping that's the case as well haha. I could sure use the gold :)
So many do not have DH as their main. I hope I am still in!

Faith in humanity is restored, no matter who wins.
do i count? iv recently played dh a lot :P
Oh what the hell. I am in as well.

Thanks as always Black!
I'm in!

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