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Will loot drops be more specific for each class, for example, while playing a barbarian will you get more barbarian specific loot?
I read an article on Polygon a few days ago that suggested the game has some kind of algorithm that converts items that aren't upgrades into a gold-drop instead, which will make it seem like drops are more targeted to your character:

"For loot, because we don't want you looting through your bags like crazy," said Jason Bender, lead designer on console, "we reduced the amount of loot that drops by quantity, so a lot of it converts to gold. But we target it so that it is more likely to be for you. The amount of upgrades you get are about the same as you get on PC, but you're sorting through, in some cases, like 70 percent less loot."


To me, that makes it sounds like if the game rolls an item that isn't relevant to you, it'll just drop gold instead.

Which would be pretty cool, if that's the case.
Also, the loot that does drops are supposed to be better quality, which would make upgrading faster and not as much of a hassle as it is on PC.

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