Where IS The Black Soulstone?

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I saw this post

And I think he may be one of the first that I've seen to agree with me.

Does the Black Soulstone REALLY fall to earth?


It's at this moment that the stone passes through cloudcover trailing smoke BUT it just WINKS OUT. There's more cloud cover below, along with some mysterious towers but that's it. You dont see the stone anymore.

People whine "baaaaaw buuh waaai wuld they do that?!?!?!". Yes. Knowing the soulstone is in him, they threw Diablo off the edge of Heaven knowing it would end up back on earth.


I think it actually disintegrated
isn't high heaven in another realm?
06/13/2013 02:12 PMPosted by Utam
isn't high heaven in another realm?

Yes, but Tyrael at the beginning of all this HIMSELF literally FELL "into" the mortal world....so it "literally" is the "Heavens" or else there is a portal beyond some border point/layer.

AND FUNNILY ENOUGH......Hell is always portaled from "Underground.
Utam is right. The High Heaven's does exist in a completely separate realm from Sanctuary. Of course, Heaven has so far been depicted as a giant floating island, so what's 'below' Heaven? From what we know, it's definitely not Sanctuary. It could possibly be Pandemonium, but at this time I really don't know. Perhaps the Book of Tyrael will shed some light on this and more in a few months.
Made me dig around found this old post http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/16asfa/location_of_heaven_relative_to_sanctuary/
Tyrael fell out of Heaven (a separate universe) and to Sanctuary. The black soulstone, on the other hand, might have just fallen to the ground in Heaven, but in all likelihood, it fell back to Sanctuary.
Just imagine this cinematic:

Imperius is thoughtfully analyzing the black soulstone, he's holding it close to the scar Diablo inflicted on him... You get the deal.
Tyrael fell out of Heaven (a separate universe) and to Sanctuary. The black soulstone, on the other hand, might have just fallen to the ground in Heaven, but in all likelihood, it fell back to Sanctuary.

Tyreal didnt simply "fall out of Heaven" people. He renounced his powers as ArchAngel.
I beleive, by doing so, which is completely against his very core as an ArchAngel, he was "rejected" by the High Heavens because he wasnt an Angel anymore, he was sent to where he belonged...

Where he was with his kin... I beleive Tyreal evolved into a Nephalem, and yes, "upgraded"/"Leveled up" to Nephalem, we are far superior than Angels or Demons.

That is why he fell to Sanctuary, where he could be helped and he could understand what he becomes.

I beleive the Crystal Arch, (Spine of Anu), knows what its doing and might send the Black Soulstone where it belongs.... wether it be on Sanctuary to vanquishing.... or Burning Hells to give us time to prepare to face whatever comes out of there...
The Black Soulstone is in Pandemonium, so is Malthael, (who is seeking answers to the universe) and discovers that Tyrael stole the domain of Wisdom. Malthael then gets mad, after discovering the Black Soulstone. (And analyzing it, discovering what happened in his absence) And in his wrath, decides that the Angels and Demons should both be eliminated, seeing that it is his divine purpose to kill Demons, and that he is PISSED at Tyrael for stealing the title of wisdom. So, he enters the Void, frees Lilith (Who has every reason to hate Angels, but also every reason to hate Demons, seeing as that the humans, are descendants of the Nephalim, her children) makes a Nephalim army (bow-chicka-bow-wow) and with an army of twelve Nephalim (To reflect the five members if the Angiris Council and the seven Great Evils) proceed to wreak havoc upon the Burning Hells and the High Heavens. And so, the character(s) are given a choice, join the New Nephalim, or join a joint effort between Angels and Demons to end Malthael and Lilith's campaign of destruction. If they join the New Nephalim, then they meet these children of Malthael and Lilith's, (Lilith has no love for angels, let alone Malthael, but she is smart enough to recognize his wisdom, so she decides the best course of action is to breed more Nephalim to end the Demons and Angels, and let the Nephalim reign supreme) soon, the character(s) are practically adopted into this family, and together they kill the Angels and Demons.

However, if the character(s) join the Angels and Demons, they are constantly berated by Lilith and Malthael since they are killing their own "brothers and sisters" however, in the end, the multiverse... is saved.

... i.... yeah.... no...

I'm sorry, way too many flaws on your theory BrassDragon, i'm sorry.

i mean, i could start writting a huge post about it, but... i'm sorry.
I thought BrassDragons story was pretty funny.
I was under the impression Malthael becomes the aspect of Death. Least according to the prophecy in the lore

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