WTS My WD Set!!!

Witch Doctor
Hi guys, I have a good set that I built for my Witch Doctor and I decided I am not playing him anymore to focus completely on my Monk for now. So I am selling his entire set of gear. I worked pretty hard putting this set together and I feel like I have some really nice pieces I am sure you guys will want. I also have a few other WD items sitting in the bank I would like to get rid of.
I have a Manajuma's Carving Knife, String of Skulls, Visage of Giyua, some rare pants with pickup radius and AR, and things or that nature. All of the items have the proper stats and are really good ones so if your interested in any of those send me a message or post here.

The witch doctor gear I am selling is on my character so just look at my profile to check him out!
Post offers here or whisper me in-game Nuu#1575

One last note:
If anyone would care to purchase the set AS A WHOLE I will happily sell it to them at a discounted price. So please let me know ASAP so I don't sell any individual pieces if someone were to want it whole.

im looking for good witch doctor gear...if its any good I have a dex mempo that's probably worth about 4-6b if ur interested
Whats your battle tag? Ill add you in game to look at it.

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