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Whats the big deal with being self found.

Congrats you took another extra 100+ hours just to get your own gear. I don't see what you accomplished.

Its like me gloating over the fact I finished Skyrim without using fast travel. Its not a big deal.

What's the point of having an RMAH?

Congrats, you spent 0 hours getting the BiS gear. I don't see what you have accomplished.

It's like I am not even trying to enjoy playing the game but enjoy spending my money shopping.
06/14/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Southbronx
Its like me gloating over the fact I finished Skyrim without using fast travel

You just did it :/

I don't think being self-found was a big difficulty, I started playing the game long after the big inferno nerf. I do feel like a lot of people whining about not finding drops got their game experience tainted by excessive AH usage. Playing avoiding to buy stuff from the AH has been very fun. If some people, other than me, need a self-found league /mode to be motivated to play the game without AH, then I have no problem with it. Although I'd likely stick to my current wiz and the "normal" mode.

Congrats you took another extra 100+ hours just to get your own gear. I don't see what you accomplished.

The AH warriors like yourself just want to have the best gear. Which is fine. If that's what you like, go ahead.

People that prefer to be self-found want to do the grind themselves. It's what we liked of diablo. The action , watching monsters explode and playing item lottery. Gambling is a fun, addicting activity to us. Just like flipping was for you.
06/14/2013 05:08 PMPosted by vexorian
the problem with having a self found badge retroactively applied
Of course it wouldn't be retroactive (I am rolling my eyes).

Rolling your eyes is bad for your eyesight. For example, you couldn't even visually process a joke on the internet.
Who would play skyrim without fast travel lmao!?
06/14/2013 05:19 PMPosted by Fireblade
2) No bartering (trade window), items drop on floor will be lost.
There shouldn't be any sort of trading. Dropping items on floor should be allowed though (maybe you need the ground for a bit of space while you salvage something else) just make the items invisible to other players.
06/14/2013 03:26 PMPosted by Buckles
90% of people who say their self found are full of crap.

Hence the reason for recognition.
If anyone wants to play self-found, add me: Waterfiend#1909. I'm on US SC. :P I mostly play barb.
06/14/2013 06:08 PMPosted by Zyron
we debate that internally. Not the validity of self-found style, but whether or not we try to support that as a gameplay style.

lol, you don't, what's the debate?

They were talking about having your character being marked as "self found" if you only equip what you found. You can still play with "not self found" characters though. This seems like the best way to go. No need to segregate the playerbase or make things complicated...
I, and probably a lot of people, already played the game self-found up to the end of inferno. Once there didn't seem to be anything left to do in the game, I started to look into the AH, to try and keep up my interest in this game.

AH mode is something you escape to once self-found becomes unplayable. I don't know how going back to self-found can ever be interesting, unless it has a separate mode with single-player oriented drop rates.
I sold things i found on the AH, used that gold to upgrade..
somehow that makes me inferior?

No, just different.

Imo Wyatt is on the right track here. No extra mode or ladder that further divides the community is needed, just a big, shiny recognition for the status in the profile, as incentive to keep it that way. As long as there are no big loopholes, like picking up stuff that others drop, I don't care that much how you handle (no) crafting, the separation of gold etc pp. Just make it easy for yourselves, so you can get it done.

I should mention, that I'm a fan of options and don't mind a complicated UI, especially if it doesn't concern the actual gameplay, but just the game options. And I don't have to code that stuff^^. So it's probably harder than it seems to me.
Self-found Iron-man style:

I play self-found and have never bought anything from either AH nor trade for items. I also play solo. Okay, I do pass items I find to other heroes except for my hardcore heroes.

To me there is always an easy way and a hard way to play a game or go through life. I guess I like the hard, less traveled path; I feel I've actually earned the items I've found.

Sure, buy your way to the only take away from the challenge of the game that way.

+1 to OP.
@Moridin: you understand the desire to be recognized for things, yet you ask me why I need recognition? A golden star would ofc just be a different kind of ep$&n for loosers on the internet like me :P

I don't buy equipment from the AH and have nothing to do with the RMAH, but I see no need for recognition of this.

I see no reason for Blizzard to waste time on providing recognition to people for play style choices. I want content, not stroking of egos.

BUT if it would end the cry to further segregate the player base, fine--spend a few days making a nice display everyone who plays self-found can use to proudly state their choice in how to play a game.

The concern I have and have always had is that the existence of the AH/RMAH and how that has shaped (negatively) the game overall. It was a bad idea from minute one, and we're pretty much stuck with it.

You don't like the AH--don't use it.
06/14/2013 06:31 PMPosted by Moridin6
i earned everything i've got in one way or another, been given things and have given much away. it's your attitude that somehow i didnt work for my stuff that makes me want to HC PK all you self found preachers

Too much rage in this world...I'll just wish you peace and balance.

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