GG Group Looking for Like-Geared WDs / Monks

Witch Doctor
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ooh i be lonely at nights... pick me pick me! :D
Skorn bats WD here.
add me to your team 8D
Played today with Elo and a few from the forum. Was more fun than licking a 9v battery.
Playing with 4 WD's all running Mass confuse, BBV with different runes and hex and watching elites die in under 3 seconds is hilarious.
The act 1 keywarden has 131 mil HP and I think we killed him in under 4 seconds too.
are you guys still looking for a member? bear/sac WD here! please add me.
Thanks for the nods Setekh. You're great company and a smart player
Mo skorn bats here. Feel free to add.
add me
Added some more of you guys. Keep it coming!
Just ran with eloquator,setekh,relaxin,and hardcopy for a cpl hours needless to say it made mp10 look like mp1. Ggs fellas
Ran several runs with Setekh, Relaxin, Evolution, HardCopy, Trefnwyd, Odyssey, Tomb, Raek and Siekh Bhastad. It has been really great fun and really efficient runs. Such a blast to run 4 WDs and blaze through everything in sight.

However I do have some notes from the less fortunate experiences with adding 1 or 2 guys and general comments. Here goes:

- Please have some experience as a WD in terms of strategy and playstyle. This isn't a school.

- We really really prefer to do runs where we're all on Vent or Mumble etc because typed communication is a drag and just not as fun at all

- Team cooperation is paramount be it with build flexbility (like having everyone wear sojs preferably) or being considerate and selling as a team for instance

All in all it has been a really solid experience and I'm really grateful to everyone who showed interest and joined us in game. Thrilled with the results of these collaborations. Can't wait for more soldiers in the Doc Legion :D
Thanks for the runs Eloquator :) It's great to run with a team again after soloing for so long.... but now my webs are broken :( Hope to catch up with you guys soon
300k wkl monk here, add me for runs
@Yoo: Added. Always welcoming of a good monk to group up trash for the fire blenders ;)
Gunna be on in 3 hours or so. Come say hello and find the 6 crit mempo waiting behind that next drop ;)
1H firebats. Interested. Grubb#1208
I've got an mp10 capable monk, bats WD and CM wiz (although I dont think you guys really need freeze). They're a bit lower on dps than you want (like my monk without his EF) but I don't suck.

Add me, east coast. amiar#1992
230k dps skorn bats here. Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Would love to join the party. Phoenix #11311
250k dps Doomhammer user (best dprog score out there!). All my friends are dead.


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