GG Group Looking for Like-Geared WDs / Monks

Witch Doctor
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Plz add me.

Any positions monk,wiz,barb,dh and wd beginner. Gl and hf :)
Added some more of you guys ;)
Got a chance to run with some more of you that I recently added over the weekend. GGs!
Im game to join....WD
pls add me monk devilzownz#1438

As I now own a pretty solid CM wiz I am once again looking for good and well geared players. Lost a lot of friend to RoS new haha
Add me heath#1914, WD.
Here Here I shall join in your noble quest good sir!
do i fill the neccesary quota of your crew, if so add me avila#1375
Add mi!!Returning player
I'd be interested to try out a few runs with you guys, public games make me cringe more often than not :/

Mostly interested to run with my WD (220k unbuffed), but can bring my monk (cyclone, 230k? unbuffed), or cm/sns wiz (280k-ish, unbuffed)
I'm farming for my WD these days, so I'd be interested. 200k DPS and 500k EHP CoB!

I'm the kind to round up the mobs then help the others getting that massacre!!! :D

If you're interested, add me ! :)
240K WD, 200K Monk

Have monk, WD and barb for prepping crypts if interested. Monk's an easy 200k dps even with WKL (not currently equipped though), WD's 180k skorn.


Do let me know.
Hi, please add me if you still need more crews, kentlau#1492
I can play WD, Monk, CM Wiz & Barb, let me know which roles you need.
Added some of you guys and did some runs. Great games :)

Will add more soon when I log in! Thanks for the outpouring of interest guys.
Will be on tonight avila#1375 add me so you can carry me!

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