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I have been hearing quite a bit now that when playing Diablo on the consoles, it is not going to allow players to split up from the group and to explore on their own, making them stick together in a single screen.

I'm hoping this is not the case, and that I have been hearing wrong...

I don't wanna feel like having to follow/or waiting for every single player in a group before I can go exploring in a multi-player game.

So are you telling me if I want to go to the jeweler and craft something the entire group is going to have to follow me?...
Yes, if you play local coop everyone is on the same screen. That doesn't apply when you play online however.
Was curious to where you may have read/seen this information? :)
Look up any of the videos where various gaming press sites have interviewed Blizzard employees about the console version. There is local co-op, but there are no split-screen capabilities. If you are trying to play the game with more than one player on the same console, they won't be able to go their separate ways... they'll have to remain on the same screen. However, online-co-op, for obvious reasons, won't suffer from this limitation, and for all intents and purposes, will function as it does on PC.


As you can see in the above image... all players and their abilities/resources are shown on the same screen.

EDIT: And I just noticed the Barbarian in that image is named Hodorr. Epic....
06/13/2013 07:44 PMPosted by Thanatos
Was curious to where you may have read/seen this information? :)

It's been known for a long time. Online co-op won't restrict players to the same screen.

As far as local co-op goes, a shared screen is really the only option. How else would you propose it work? Split screen wouldn't be viable unless you are playing on a gigantic display, and I mean gigantic.
K thanks Guys.

I thought this was the case, just been hearing people saying otherwise. Glad to know it's not.

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