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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyGMBZ-zIJw - XBOX One, many games

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GukdcoxpIA - PS4 Console
Let the battle begin,

Xbox one once again tries to build on their "foundation" with games, online access and graphics. While PS4 is what Playstation is, "PLAYSTATION". If you put think about it, this is a very similar situation with PS3 and Xbox 360.

Also, as for the sharing games I think it is just not written in stone that PS4 will have more "friendly" to such a feature but I do have a problem recently with Microsoft products. My Windows 7 is now asking for my product key, which I have been using for the past year. It was my Norton AV that trigger this, and yet I am still "not pass the genuine policy" so that's the truth about Microsoft.
xbox fan boys can't take it they are posting all sort of garbage making you think sony is doing the same as MS and is secretly going to block used games by using the publishers ROFL

xbox one is done somebody call the ambulance wii u wii u wii u wii u
PS4 is going to win the battle this time. its a no-brainer. The biggest winning move is that used games have no DRM crap. No need to authenticate or anything. Its how it should be. MS's reasoning is out of touch with consumers. Sony on the other hand listened to what consumers were saying and they delivered.
Not to mention the price tag difference lol. Yea I'd say Sony learned it's lesson from this last generation. What I wouldn't be surprised to see is Microsoft start doing some major backpedaling now (actually I think they may already have started).
xbox fan boys can't take it they are posting all sort of garbage making you think sony is doing the same as MS and is secretly going to block used games by using the publishers ROFL

xbox one is done somebody call the ambulance wii u wii u wii u wii u

Don't bother with this guy he's just trolling the forums. The only thing worse than a troll is a bad troll. This guy is so obvious it's rather pathetic. Nobody here has said anything even resembling xbox fan boy talk yet he calls everyone in the forums xbox fan boys when he's a Sony fan boy himself. He's such a bad troll, he's actually copying and pasting stuff he posted in other threads. I guess he can't come up with too many unique ideas in one day so he has to repeat himself.


The only people worrying about not being able to sell their used games are scrubs like you. Enjoy your Ratchet & Clank, Killzone, Knack and other crap exclusives troll.
The thing is people are misunderstanding what Sony has said regarding used games. And I think they did this intentionally. They did not say there will not be drm on any PS4 games. All they said was THEY would not implement drm on any games. And that SONY published games would be free to trade or sell. However, the publishers of all other games are free to use pass codes and content blocking just like they have in the past and I guarantee you that they will do so.

People like this JOHN troll took this announcement to heart and think that every game released for the PS4 will be free to trade and be used by as many people as they want. I mean, doesn't that sound a little too good to be true? Do you really think publishers would make titles untradeable on one platform and drm free and thus tradable on another? But sony fan boys couldn't wait to jump on the internet and bash anyone who has the nerve to own an xbox and laugh how they are going to have free reign on all PS4 games. lol!
I started video gaming with Nintendo, moved to the PS1, to the PS2 then XBox360... Sprinkled in PC gaming throughout. I will not be buying the XBox One and I don't feel rushed to grab a PS4 either. I will be getting an Ouya this fall, as it will serve most of my needs and for only $100. Granted it's not even close to the hardware and library of the main consoles, the emulation, multimedia streaming and open source of it's design, means it'll keep getting better as it goes along...

I will probably get a PS4 in the future, after it's been out for a while as I don't subscribe to being an early adopter since that's where a lot of the 'fixing' and problems occur. Awesome job Sony did this week at E3, here's my report:

The Jab...

No System-Mandatory DRM
Sony isn't implementing DRM as a feature of the console, it's up to the publishers in the end. But still, that's better than Microsoft's system-mandatory DRM.

The Next Jab (w/a twist)...

No Always Online/Authentication
Sony also doesn't require the PS4 to be "always-online" unless you're going to play multiplayer. (Due to this, they're charging for the PS+ Network) Still better.

The Knock Out...
$399 isn't cheap by any means, but it's $100 cheaper (US) than the XBox. They flipped their gameplans from the last time when PS3 was $100 more than the 360.

And the Rubbing In...

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