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All the classes are fine if they have Billions in gear. People think that all barbs farm MP10 in seconds, the barbs clearing MP10 with ease are wearing billions of gear and have 350k+ unbuffed Doll DPS.

I have 240k Unbuffed (250 if I switch out gaunts) and MP10 is not worth my time, it takes forever to kill champ packs.

Monk/DH/WD/wizard gear is even more expensive then barbs. I love how people think that 80% of the player base is farming MP10 like its MP0.

I find this funny since as a monk I have a little over 1/3 the unbuffed DPS you do and yet it doesn't take me a completely unreasonable time to kill them unless they have really crappy affixes, unless you think anything longer than 20 seconds is unreasonable. If I had the DPS you do mobs would just melt, so I have a hard time believing that it takes you very long to kill them.
Demon Hunter, Barb & Wiz are perfectly fine
Monk & Witch Doctor needs to be buffed/overhauled, especially Witch Doctor

Sorry, I disagree. You need actual playing time on all classes before making blanket statements like that.

1) Barbs are ok, but perma-immunity to any kind of cc effects makes them OP

2) Monks, imo, are the most balanced class right now.

3) Wizards need more build diversity aside from permafreeze and Archon. Permafreeze is a crutch. Take that away and wizards will be like DH without mobility.

4) DHs need buffs to their hatred spenders and resource generation.

5) Witch Doctors are OP in PVP. In PVE, their skills are everything Wizards wish they could have. The only advantage of wizards over WD is in resource generation. Arcane Power on Crit > Mana on Kill.

I disagree a little bit

1) Barbs do have issues with their perm wotb--the skill itself needs to be adjusted (such as timer) or the benefits of the skills needs to be reworked. The other issue stems from the rest of their abilities as a whole. They are in need of reworking to make them feel more fluid-like with the farming but not as strong as the standard cookie-cutter build.

2) Similar to Barbs--wizards are too reliant on crit/proc to where the abilities just do not work well late game. Sort of would like more use out of their primary abilities since many are severely underused.

3) Monks are pretty well off--their weaknesses are essentially tied to their cost of gear to usefulness ratio. For Monks to do what other classes do, they often have to spend much more for very specific stats and without it, they become far too weak. I want more diversity with their builds but I think they are the second most complete class currently.

4) Dh I cannot really comment on since it is the one class I have not gotten to 60 (I will in the near future).

5) Wd's feel the most balanced and complete hero. WD's have lots of diversity and many various builds that are useful. Some builds of course cost more than others but overall, they are doable. And in all honesty, out of the heroes I have played, WD's is the most enjoyable. Barbs feel powerful but gets so boring, but WD I know that if I get bored of how I am playing the hero, I can change up the skills and go with another build. It may not be as useful but will still be quite fun.

I will say this though, from what I do know of DH's. Based on the skills and how it is used, I feel they are the most difficult to balance. This is primarily due to how polarized it is; changes can either make them incredibly Op (output wise) or at a disadvantage compared to other heroes. Barb and Wizards need to be reworked, they are just very... eh.
06/12/2013 09:27 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
Listening to the full hour long video, this is my takeaway: The devs are focused on minutia when the foundation is broken. And there's a lot of internal mental gymnastics that has no direction (IOW, a lot of "we're talking about it but have no plans").

I bet you would also like them saying nothing, because then you could complain about that too.

It's a win-win situation for complainers.

On a more constructive note: Why is Part 3 of the Itemization Q&A taking so long? Do you want to answer questions that have to do with Itemization changes that have not yet been announced, or why is Part 3 taking so much time? It just doesn't occur to me why it still isn't out after all that time.
06/12/2013 11:15 AMPosted by Zaxxon23
Yet, a well geared DH does fine
A well geared anything does fine.
OMG, more poor DH -- Barb, Wiz and WD are so good -- whining.

If you don't like DH or think it underpowered, spin a new toon that isn't a DH until things change or not. The alternative is to just quit whining.

And for that I THANK YOU.

When I read your post I knew you would be a barb player, was not disappointed when I checked profile

All the barbs have ti so good, and for some reason they get really upset when DHs want to get some equal footing.

For what its worth I essentially dumped my DH so I could roll Monk. My monk is vastly superior to my DH and it's not even close. If I pickup another decent weapon to get my DPS up to around 150k I should have no problem farming MP8/9. My DH could have never dreamed of doing that and he had 225k DPS

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