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Demon Hunter
I remember a thread from a while ago about Demon Hunters rocking 1 M EHP, any of those still around?
Of course there are 1M+ eHP DH's out there. I have eHP gear in my stash that brings my DH over 5M unbuffed.

My current set up in profile is my normal PvE gear though, and I am sitting at 1.9M unbuffed.
In my 100k ehp glass canon build now, but my tanky blackthorns set build can get above 1 mill.
Unfortunately my dps drops to around 100k. I know there are some guys with 1 mill and a lot more dps.
255k eHP. Am I with the normal people?
There are most certainly dh's with over 1m ehp around. I am sitting around 850k at the moment with dodge.....I don't want to sacrifice any dps to get to the 1m mark either
Wasn't Iria one of those that had 1m ehp or something? She pvps a lot so she might have that.
only 900k with PvE set :(

06/12/2013 05:46 AMPosted by VocaloidNyan
255k eHP. Am I with the normal people?

1M ehp is with dodge i think.
1,045,612 with dodge here.
EHP w/Dodge and Boar= 1,222,825.18
Anyone have some EHP increasing thoughts for me? I would love to bump up the tankiness but am not sure how to attack the problem.
You could try crafting a new set of bracers, you can get more EHP and DPS if you can roll high dex and 6%cc with AR.
Almost 1 M (30K away from it) but with over 200 K dps still, pretty happy with my combat style of gear.


I can just facetank everything and never stop attacking, works really good with the mass discipline/choking gas build.
This is my regular gear 630k ehp with 265kdps unbuffed, I'm still having issues with some elites on mp10 but I'm getting there. Already can stand in poison, firepits and arcane sentries as long as I'm shooting someone LOL.

1m ehp here with my ehp gear, that I only use when I run ubers or just feel like tanking fields of misery.
I think I have 1.1M EHP and 340k DPS unbuffed but I haven't checked in a while. This is my PVE set and I also have +20 max discipline (+30 if I switch to SoJ and decrease my DPS to around 290k +30% to elites).

Edit: My PVP gear has closer to 2M EHP unbuffed with 220k or so unbuffed DPS. Also, I use about +30% damage to elites and +30-40 max discipline.
Tossed a few pieces together to see how much rez I could max out on and
managed to hit about 900 with perfectionist and 1000 with the boar.

Checked on diabloprogress and it showed build as 4th ehp DH in the world, 3,350,000 unbuffed.
Regen with brooding is about 4k, aid station close to 9k. However my dps is crap at about 75k.
Have another shield that gives me 40k more hp and kicks regen to almost 6k and 12k with aid station.

Interesting build to run around pvp with and test peoples damage, pvp dummy is 1,400,000.

I prefer, and get more kills with, my 400k dps glass canon build, 3 attacks that crit 1 mill.
Crap ehp, but fun in pvp, about 380k dps with soj, 440 without, with nats and 59 disc.

Have not fooled around with a hybrid of the 2 builds, but I probably should.


swapped in a different stormshield (was on my templar) and got a little more, 197v for 10% crit version, dropped dps but got me to 2nd:

EHP Unbuffed: 3,659,780
world: 585 (dh: 2)
Americas: 233 (dh: 2)

Crap dps for sure, but now I can start building it up from here.

Iria, what is your pvp dummy on progress?
I don't remember, in my PVP gear its over 2M for sure. I have around 60-80 Discipline, 100-120k life, 500-700 all resist, and 200-300k dps unbuffed (minimal attack speed) depending on my build.
I had to delete my post, I am nowhere close to 1m ehp.
06/16/2013 03:18 PMPosted by Iria
I don't remember, in my PVP gear its over 2M for sure. I have around 60-80 Discipline, 100-120k life, 500-700 all resist, and 200-300k dps unbuffed (minimal attack speed) depending on my build.


Recently got my dps to about 112k in 3 mill ehp build, 175k HP, 1000 Rez with boar, 900 with perf. Tried a hybrid like yours out too and got one in at around 2 mill ehp and 240k dps with soj, and archery. 110k HP, 600 Rez. Gives up the shield/clammy combo for dml and manti.
Ok, after a couple of re configs I am finally getting close. Any thoughs to get me over the line without hurting my DPS (any more then it has been)

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