Long break , and back , where do i start ?

Witch Doctor
Hi Everyone ,

Back in the day when i beta tested this game, and then made a Witch Docter , face tanking was the go , it was all about Life on Hit and basically you could kill anything using 1 hand and a Beer in the other :) ( and 30 minutes spare lol )

Well the game got boring and , basically the AH was way over priced , lots of people around Scamming Stuff and D3 just got annoying... Well after 12 + months away from the game , ive decided to have another look at it and see what changes are about ...

Im guessing face tanking isnt the option any more ( hopefully ) and my gear is seriously outdated ,,, BUT any pointers on where i start would be great appreciated,, There is so much info on this forum is hard to know where about to start lol

One question i gotta ask , is the game still very active ?

Thanks in advance , check out my gear / build if you want , it is untouched from long long ago !!

Shags :)
I just came back too.
Not entirely sure what all changes have been made but this game seems a lot more fun.
A lot better items are available and inferno got tweaked quite a bit.
Hi Eman welcome back too !!

Inferno got tweaked up or down ? lol

i found this thread , not sure how correct it is but its a starting point , i did have to look up what MP10 was tho lmao


Goodluck with it :)
Ubers is a probably a good way to get back into it. You have to farm some keys and recipes, build a portal and fight two bosses simultaneously: Skeleton King/Mahgda, Ghom/Rakanoth, and Seigebreaker/Zoltun Kuhl.
some of your gear would have sold for lots of gold back in the day

especially that belt of yours.

But yeah, as whatsupchuck said. Try farming keys and killing ubers.

thats probably the end gamenow for now besides grinding paragon levels.

You can also facetank the game with the current Cloud of bats build using a skorn/zuni 4 peice set.

you can build a decent set for a few mil to 100s of mil depending on what you are trying to achieve.
thanks for the comments guys

i dont mind the good old farming game ( for a while anyways ) i used to do alot of Butcher through to Siegebreaker runs , was good gold and items back in the day , but it got old quick

i do usually try and get as far as i can in a game , so Keys and Ubers . gear up and then hit the paragon levels ?

are you guys doing all this single player or is multiplayer viable these days ?

also ,, looking at alot of builds , has life on hit gone out the window these days ,, its mostly Crit builds these days or it dont matter ? ,
add me in game i will do a gear overhaul for you with my gold, i love gearing new doc
thanks mate, more than happy to talk in game about Docs , im not over concerned about gear, the fun in the game is gearing up, but hey love to talk and pick ya brain on some stuff and hear your thoughts

Im just finishing off Incredible adventures of Van Hesling, ( my 2nd toon lol ) and then im gonna get stuck into this,,

its what got the juices flowing with D3 again , Van Hesling plays a bit like this

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