''In the Temple'' Conversation bugged!

Bug Report
it's the only conversation I still need in the whole story, and I read on google that the conversation will be avalible to you as soon you enter the drowned temple and Leah says something about the architecture. However, it doesnt. Could you please fix this, or atleast give me the conversation, making me getting 3 achievements?
I agree, I tried to get this achievement as well, and it's the only one I have left that still won't appear or work. I even checked Leah every couple of steps, and ran around for a while, hoping it would appear and it hasn't all through Normal, Nightmare, and now Hell difficulty.
Yeah, it's bugged. I clicked on her portrait after every tiny thing. After she said anything, after she talks about exploring with cain, after putting one orb into the pillar, then after 2, it never comes up. Did it on Normal Difficulty as well as Inferno Difficulty. Only conversation I need to 100% the section :(
I try all every thing like the guide told me to but this quest is bug how can i finish this now now plz help us..
I have the same issue with my characters. I have tried several builds (crusader, barb, monk) and at Normal through Torment and no conversation comes up. I have tried the normal character, the seasonal one and hardcore seasonal and none ever show the comment even after new character creation and stepping through one painstaking step at a time continually going back and form to town to see if it will spawn.

Please fix this. It is irritating.

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