NEW 1.0.8 Witch Doctor Cloud of Bats Guide

Witch Doctor
Hey guy's, would love some feedback on this video!
I put a good amount of time into it trying to compile info, and would love if you checked it out!
Nice guide. Sexy voice, I got a b0ner.
damn where was this last week when i hit 60...good stuff man i like it :)
Heh thanks guys(:

muz if you have any questions shoot bro!
got a link to your d3 profile?
Nice work man on the guide...looks like you've spent some time on this
Yeah I researched all the info I knew already to make sure everything was right.
Then took a good week of capturing/editing
No mention of a Skorn? Also you don't find 12% movement speed annoying? Especially with bats having to get up and close on guys (esp runners.)
Yeah like I said I plan to make another video soon with different items you can swap around. I was so tight on time for this video I couldn't fit everything in and I ended up focusing on what I went with. As far as the MS, I have no issues with only running 12. With Spirit Walk (+ jaunt) and Mass Confusion I have a good initiation and a good few seconds to channel Bats. I may have just gotten used to it but certainly Inna's pants or Lacunis work very well, I just plan to make a more in depth gear guide. Thanks for the comment man (:

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