Naga hex mouse and Zero Dog Macro question

Witch Doctor
Does anyone know how I would go about macroing in my Sacrifice ability which is the command I'm trying to loop. With my summon zombie dog skill which is located on my keyboard which I hold down the entire time. I dunno If i have the timing for the delay wrong or what. My goal is to have sacrifice continuously go off while holding down the button on the Naga hex, but looped correctly so it goes off as soon as the dogs are summoned. Any tips or information regarding this or a step in the right direction are greatly appreciated. Ty
Sure you can macro keyboard commands but don't be surprised if you find your account locked and a nice little email waiting for you from Blizzard.

However, to my knowledge, it is not a ban-able offensive to change key bindings. Can anyone clarify on that?

What I've found can be read through Blizzard Legal.

Found here:

I really wish we could build multiple macro trees and have slave programs running in tandem with our play. But alas all of this can get you banned and it would be wise, for the players, to not pursue any of it.
I'm not trying to chain a bunch of commands to have one button do multiple things. I'm still using the same skill and redirecting it. The only other thing I'm trying to achieve is to make it go off continuously so I don't have to keep clicking to much with my finger to attack.

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