500k DPS WindForce Hunter. Goal Achieved.

Demon Hunter
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I just love wf.... loved it on d2
@Taoofss.... Please add me as I want to run with your DH.... I'll use my lady DH with a WF. Suggest an MP level that you think she will be capable of running... Not efficiently but not dying every 2 mins.... Cheers!
06/14/2013 08:18 PMPosted by Taoofss
not really hard to get to x dps when dps is all that you worry about. don't know why people are gaga over a dh that will barely survive mp3. 200 all res with 35k life. but your sheet numbers are high. I guess that counts for something. Oh wait...
I'll run with ya on mp6 make it mp7 with my lady DH... I won't change anything, gears or build... I want to see your DH in action.... Should be fun...
06/17/2013 05:47 PMPosted by DarkJuggalo
I just love wf.... loved it on d2

this is one of the big reason why I love this bow. I'm glad they brought the knock back to a certain point that it is useful. Not as insane as diablo 2's knockback but certainly brings the nostalgic element.
I'm glad for you, but I see 360k unbuff with 100k (?!) EHP. is this just a showpony DH? Your DML doesn't have bonus to your main skill, most items have no vit/AR, and an SOJ would give a much bigger bonus than your rare ring.. esp since your ring gives you no ehp at all.
I change to a 'mempo' which this single item slot can give me 400k ehp. however I choose not to because I don't need it.
Why so serious XD ? I just change my mempo, shoulder, and gloves and then BAM! 85khp 550 all res 4200 armor 250k+dps (SoJ), swapping in and out, why limited yourself in just 1 style and 1 character anyway ?

I choose both style of playing. For me, tanking is more about efficiency and glasscanon (not sure if i'm glassy enough ) is for the sake of my fun.

And Frozen Arrow, you don't need to explain anything just ignore their negative comments. If you think it's fun then it's fun, I respect your way of playing.
nice dps gears frozen, however your sooo damm glassy!

try and get 500k buffed and 1million eHP :)

"cant dps if dead"
@Goal Achieved.@

Sorry guys, but did nobody notice that the 525k sDPS Frozen is showing here is NOT REAL?!?

Frozen has - according to diabloprogress -
DPS Unbuffed: 329,923.20
which is - based on his equip - a valid value.

So how should this work? How can he get from 330k unbuffed to 525k ScreenDPS??

I have (using also Windforce and high end gear)
320K DPS unbuffed (with a lot more eHP), and I am getting to 449k Screen DPS.
Here my Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Kurzschluss-2702/hero/6385226

So how can this be? Frozen has just 9k more unbuffed DPS than I have, but 75k more Screen DPS at the end, using the same buffs?

I mean come on, I guess there is a simple reason. He logs out with an active Attack Speed shrine buff.

If I do that I end up at 508k DPS as well.

Still, I am a big fan of WF and really like that people try to get most out of it (like Frozen), but I simply do not believe the 525k showing in his Profile as his real sDPS.

And if my math is totally wrong, ok than I owe you all a beer...

^check my diablo 3 progress again. 341k unbuff dps not 329k unbuff.
I am at 500k dps. Not 525k dps.

You're right. I must have accidently shrined before with old 329k unbuff items.

but dam that's good wf hunter you have there. awesome job!
frozenarrow is a god wf player, i am only at 489k...

you're ridiculous! haha Keep going at it!

You might want to switch to amulet even though your closely 300 dex amulet is a beast. 50+ Average damage amulet with good combination of other trifecta or high dex cc/cd amulet can be better.
I'm not completely sure with your different wf build however average damage has been useful for me.
Maxed out average damage 2xring + amulet is = 180max damage
I have total of 173 average damage however it would or would not apply to your build, but this is just a grain of sand you can consider.
Both of you guys are rediculous! I need a couple of crit mempos to drop just to wish I could see dps like that! Im @325k buffed :S

i have the same build for all 3 weapons....i am just so bad at dh, i have to be like a tank.... i use gernade + bombardment.....
SA, doesn't count... c'mon man, you're better than those inflated stats with hardly any AR.
Wow great job I don't care how you got there, you did it and congrats!!
this topic is funny i know how he got 500k he's using scoundrel
i just tryied this and i got 503 with SA and Arch and i do 359k fully unbuffed with no passives all that hes doing is stacking crit dmg thats why and to be honest thats not really a thingg to be like OMFG come on get to 500k unbuffed with no passives then we can see whats good
so basically I added scoundrel and...
my dps is 519k with scoundrel.

I currently have 358k unbuff dps however it's only written 348k unbuff in diablo3progress.
this is why I don't play public games.

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