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I post this in the hopes that people feeling the same as I did about SWTOR might read this. Maybe like me, you haven't been back to SWTOR in a while because you heard about all the F2P nonsense with paying cash for fluff items on the cartel market there and didn't like it.

I logged back in recently in the same year I've been gone playing D3 mainly and realized the amazing amount of content updates over there which are a lot of fun and a lot of great balance changes to underrated classes and specs like Arsenal Mercenary and Vengeance Juggernaut to bring them up to speed.

I also realized that D3 cash grab in the form of pay2win over the AH is far, far worse than EA/Bio's F2P cash grab in the form of fluff items, and most of their fluff items like dye and gear end up on the GTN (Their AH) that you can buy with in game credits anyway. There is no brick wall you can hit without spending money or ridiculously exorbitant amounts of time doing un-fun things like AH flipping in SWTOR like there is in D3 either.

SWTOR looks like a worse cash grab on the surface but is much more tolerable and fair and a true game still as you have to compete in PVP or raid for your gear. I do subscribe to this game and get a lot more enjoyment for 14/mo than I would trying to play diablo at 14/mo for some mediocre-poor item on the RMAH.

That's right I brought up the subject of paying for the game you play. To those of you flipping on the ah and not 'paying', I would like you to know that I make a lot more money at my job than I would staring at a spreadsheet to flip items in my leisure time. I make a lot more money at my job than I would rigging bots to play the game for me in my leisure time. I only find the actual playing of a game fun in my leisure time.

Just to put two different games in perspective. I find the comparisons interesting of what you get for what you can pay for in both right now. I feel that SWTOR is a really good and underrated game so if you are frustrated looking for something else to play and get the urge to try it again you should.
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I played the mini expansion, the game is fun. But once you get to the end game its just a grind. Getting tokens for gear, and running the same raids over and over. I recently unsubbed and doubt I will sub again.

However the double xp weekends are fun if you just want to play an mmo style game with an awesome story.
I bought SWTOR at launch, subscribed for like two months. Ended stop playing because the game crashed regularly and i simply didn;t feel any attachment to it that worth the subscription.

My feeling about SWTOR is that it's created by a team that would have make a great single player game. But for an MMORPG it's not worth subscribing, value for money Guild wars 2 are superior.

After it enter F2P I re-tried the game, I simply can't get the feeling that I lost something when playing. IMO, their F2P system is too restrictive specially for those that bought the game before.

SIgh, it stuck in my craw, but i have to agree on Archangel on this one. EA screwed up on their F2P transition.

I replayed SWTOR hoping to see bioware resurrecting a dream, ended up watching EA trying to milk a dead cow.

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