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Demon Hunter
I spent a few hundred million on a lot of gear including about 5-10 each of sojs, skullgrasps, maras, dml's, and nat embrace with different skill bonuses just so I could experiment with some new builds.

Here's one I found that I really like:!gXf!bYcYcZ

With my gear chakram only cost 1 hatred, so I still gain several hatred per second while spamming it from my bat, mfd, and hatred regen on gear.

Razor disk rune is amazing when standing directly in the middle of a mob of monsters and Cluster bombs dishes out all the damage for monsters with high hp like elites. The trick is keeping them at the right distance for the grenades from cluster bomb to do the most dps.

This build runs well on mp 4 solo at less than 80k dps in the character window.

If I changed anything it might be gloom instead of shadow glide, any other comments about this?

You really gotta try it to appreciate how efficient (and fun) it can be with really low dps, infinite chakram, and a steady stream of cluster bombs :)
Here, I fixed it for you!gXf!bYcbc

get more cc and just reload punishment after you run out of hatred, you can even remove chakram for multishot to return discipline if you need.

My suggestion would be to get nata ring and boots instead the skul and ice climber
Good idea on the punishment didn't think of that. I'll try it out.

I've also got a nat ring and I can buy some cheap boots to try that too.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give'em a shot but I'm reluctant to remove razor disc just out of shear personal preference.

Maybe I'll try dropping MFD for Multishot since I do have a 50% on calamity and the hatred return on MFD doesn't seem to be large unless I Cluster a large enemy.

Thanks for your comment
Imo you lose way too much damage for it to be effective.

You should do only 9-10 reduction on chakram and 5 for cluster or -10 cluster and a different skill. Unless ofc u get a godly mara's and/or skull grasp
Yeah I do lose a ton of damage from the change of ammys.

Might try just switching the ammy and have -10 cluster.

I don't really lose too much on the ring though given my only other best option is just a rare one with a few good stats.

And yes I use -9 chakram with over 2 attacks per second. My hatred regen is pretty good from this.


I finding that the cluster bomb rune for cluster arrow takes a lot of skill to aim sometimes. It's kinda challenging for me.

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