I see that TR Skorn monk in your profile.

Demon Hunter
I'm sorry :(
Good thread. +1. Would read again.
I am ashamed...

and lol!
TR Monk... whats that?
She's just a "friend"...

oh, that weapon I found on HC 4 days ago...
No TR Monk here...
Please ignore the fact that my DH has no gear and I've equipped my Wizard :)
Mines DW.
There's no shame in my game.
06/16/2013 01:04 AMPosted by snickerers
There's no shame in my game.

Oh please, you have a fully equipped GG Barbarian. That's enemy territory >:( xD.
dang found skrorn for my barb...guess i have to eat crow.
btdt... came back to DH

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