93k paper dps at mp10


Saying non sense numbers on forum will not get you anything.

Go kills one of the boss and tell us the kill time. That can prove your true dps.

Ghom was about 4 min

Man, that is slow.

I'm out.
@ Irish

I understand what everyone else is trying to tell you, and they are correct. The DPS difference between you and Zero are just too large.

Now....I really appreciate the different way you built your toon! It adds a different flavor to the mix and I have always appreciated different(I.E. Nameless's Maximus build or Sheldor's LTK build). Don't let any of the guys tell you different, BUT try and see where they are coming from about the huge difference in DPS. :)
@ Irish

I know how you feel about pep's doubting your game, I always play a little diff than most, but numbers don't lie... they are what they are..

After seeing your build it gave me a new way of looking at some of my old stuff just sitting in my storage. Now I'm going to take out my other stuff and try it

thanks for the idea....it's all good

Keep at you build. increase some other gear that doesnt effect you elemental gain.
get to kill ghom under 1 minute.

4 minutes is just CrAzY -_-
Not interesting .. I can out damage a 200k with 90k and increase survivability while doing so

Variables are fun!

sledgefist LS is too.
I have a similar way of gearing up my monk, and its a hell of fun!! I went from 250k paper unbuffed dps with a crazy Skorn to my actual setup, and i prefer this setup by a long shot! So no matter what people say, as long as you have fun and like what you do, do it! :)

PS: Now, my plan is to get an Inna's radiance with better FoT bonus! :)

PPS: I almost only play DE farming and uber runs with this setup now, FYI! ;)
OP. I fully support your creativity with your build; I've strayed from the norm also and it's fun :-)

Good luck!!
I'm all for going with unique spec.

Don't get me wrong. But the way he presented his thing was just not the right way to do it.

The calculation was obviously wrong and the way he said his monk was outdps-ing the other monk in this topic was just wtf. That's all.
Thank you lord, for providing us with our daily popcorn.
nom nom
Thank you Cayzer, now pass the darn popcorn and stop hogging it
You and daywalker would make a cute couple :).

Anyway if either of you can do any proof using some crazy tool called youtube you will get our praise :).
DethAxe, idk how effective your setup is but I've never seen it before, definite swag points to you man, I like it a lot.
Correction. I physically timed ghom at 2 min 22 seconds with better gear I can hit the 2 min mark!(I hope)

And to back it up I'm compressing a video which was slightly longer and Sorry about the near death experience from lag on video software.

And I appologoze for my demeaner yesterday. I just wanted to portray another style and how hidden bonus dps can be overlooked.

my calculations were from d3up.com
Me do it in 84 secs
Well, definitely build diversity needs to be encouraged in this Monkdom. How's fast you can kill ghom? Oh i feel so sorry for that poor ghom it has be killed many many times to prove something that worth nothing >:p

-Boneyard den Mönch mit großen Muttern
Late to the party but throwing in my 2 cents.

For some reason your build reminds me of the SW snap shot that got nerfed a few patches back in which you would pump your unbuffed DPS to ungodly numbers using gear and skills then take full advantage of the limited buff by extending its duration infinitely as long as you can keep SW up. Bayou can basically destroy ubers by yourself and have the other 3 players gold clap while you massacre them. Same principal trying to squeeze as much buffs and keep them up as long as you can. Nice attempt and effort in making your build competitive. Keep doing what your doing and eventually you will get your kill time below 1 minute.

I have to say Kim, your elitist attitude is a little off-putting.

The monk forums used to be a place to share different builds and ideas, even if they weren't the most efficient way of doing things. Now if you come in with a different build or gearing style, you get insulted and put down.

Does the OP know 100% what he's talking about when calculating DPS and whatnot? No, obviously not. But some of the hate he generated is a little absurd.

Your attitude sucks Kim. And yes, I know you've put together 18 million sets for people at d2jsp and you're super awesome.

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