Make pvp like league of legends.

Just make pvp like league of legends.Killing monsters or heros give you exp to gain lvs.You can increase your dmg , def or movement speed when you gain a lv.Destroying base to win the game.When teamwork is required,ppl can't just pay to win.What do you guys think??
As a "mode" yes. I still want primary pvp to be arena-based, with individual ladders for each class.
07/16/2013 09:15 AMPosted by UGotGanked
A DOTA or LoL PvP mode where teams of 3-5 could use their D3 characters


More people would be interested in PvP if there were modes similar to PvE available. This is because they could use the gear and skills they are use to.

We want THIS.

They promised it over a year ago...

Blizzard has already announced that they have tried the LoL/DOTA style PvP in Diablo (look up some dev interviews) and said that it did not "feel" like it was Diablo so they scrapped it, and started over....
A DOTA or LoL PvP mode where teams of 3-5 could use their D3 characters would be a great game.

dueling and team deathmatch on different maps would still be great as well, but a Keep defense style game with soldiers streaming in, and a few super strong players wrecking everything would be pretty great. I think the rewards could be XP, but I'd rather have some gold and loot f

A great idea but balancing would be a nightmare. It would be fun though. We get to gain gold during the match and loot rewards to the winner. Durability loss would still be in effect and HP pots can only be acquired by purchasing from the allied merchant. Changing of skills during the match is locked. To make it more fun, why not add the option of betting gold for a match. This can only be done by the participating teams. Winner takes all.

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