WTS 1423.0 Dmg 5.6% LS 174CD 334 DEX SKORN

He told me c/o 1B b/o 2B yesterday and i said to take the 1B offer. Maybe the person who made the offer was trolling or he was inflating the price hoping to get a higher bid. If he is serious about selling i bid 480m.
4 days already but not sold yet?? I doubt he is serious on selling it or he just too greedy.. My little suggest is dont play with community
I feel like I have been trolled hard.
After adding twil to take a look at the weapon 4 days ago and offering 400M, I was asked to wait one more day. The day after I still had the winning bid at 450M and I contacted twil in game in order to get the weapon. He told me that he was busy at the moment and he would have contacted me instead. After one more day I left a message on this tread (post #16) because I did not hear anything from the OP. Finally, today I have been removed from OP's friend list.
As I said before, if someone changes idea or wants more gold for something, that is fine with me: free market is free market. However, this behavior is just rude. I believe I still have the winning bid, but at this point I am not interested in the weapon any more. Good luck to PROTOTYPE in getting the Skorn.

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