Upgrade the WD above you!

Witch Doctor
those that dont have over 65k health should go to act 1, weeping hollow and halls.

let the hulk and fat mofo with 2 hands in the air, ping pong the fuk out of you, to realize oh ! i need ehp.

Huh? You're mixing up your posts. I don't use visage, and nothing I possess has 5.5 cc :)
@Aaron, idk how you got 100...but its higher lol, and yes it takes skill which i have but w.e, i do quite well.

@Miraj... your 5.5CC is different then my 6CC by a few hundred+ mill trust me

trust me it doesnt. i used to watch visage helm pretty often, as i ran a very weird build.

and yeah 0.5 cc is about 1.1k dps, 14 int is 800 dps. i am sorry but have to tell you. its not a top notch helm. you will prolly fetch 400-500m on a good day, a very good long public holiday

only visage with 195+ int, 6cc, 12 reduction on bats will fetch a good price.

bats gear have fallen tremendously

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