PVP Barbs, please come shed some light...

On if this Litany is valuable for pvp...

I just rolled it and there's nothing remotely close on AH so was hoping to find some help here.

Litany of the Undaunted
+267 Strength
+95 Vitality
+65 All Resistance
Regenerates 209 life/second
Crit Hit Chance 4.5
Elite Dmg Reduction 6% (<-wish this was a 7...)

pic of ring below:
Elite Dmg Reduction 6% (<-wish this was a 7...)

that's your answer.

%elite is the most valuable roll. to give you an idea, on d3up, my barb gets 50k ehp per point of vs elites and 1.8k ehp per point of vita.

so its worth about the same as a 7% 267str 70 vita lit, - still a nice ring easily worth 400mil but you could possible get a lot more if multiple people want it.
ty for the input sir!
Very nice. Highly usable PvP Litany.

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